Hon Tam Seamud

1 1 Day
  • Vietnamese, English, Chinese
  • Vinpearl Port
  • Large canoe (66 seats)
  • Buffet at Hon Viet restaurant
  • Combined, Separate
  • Spring, Summer, Fall


Hon Tam Seamud tickets provide the experience of visiting Hon Tam beach & mud bath complex, which is the most popular tour at Hon Tam tourist area. Open since 2019, Hon Tam Mud Bath complex is a tourist highlight not only of Hon Tam island but also of Nha Trang city.

The mud bath complex has a harmonious architecture, friendly to nature, and synchronous amenities, providing a wonderful day off for visitors.

The beach with fine sand, umbrellas, and clear blue sea is a great place to relax.

In addition, visitors can also participate in beach games to increase their trip experience by choosing the appropriate Tour package in the Booking section.

  • Whether flying,
  • hoverboard,
  • Flying board
  • Banana float
  • Diving

Tickets to Hon Tam seamud - Hon Tam wooden bridge


  • Original 5-star service
  • Suitable for all sizes of groups
  • Synchronous, high-end utilities
  • Ecological space
  • Check-in to the beautiful wooden bridge
  • Mud bath on the island
  • Free swimsuits and towels

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After successfully booking your ticket, you will receive your boarding pass at the port. The tour guide will contact you by phone and assist you at the port.

You board the ship according to the instructions of the coordinator at the port. Please keep your boarding pass throughout the journey. Travel time from the mainland to the island is from 5 to 8 minutes.

You arrive at Hon Tam Wooden Bridge, a prominent construction on Nha Trang Bay with unique and beautiful architecture. Here, take and save the most beautiful photos for yourself.

You will receive a corresponding hard ticket according to your boarding pass, go through the control gate and start sightseeing and experiencing at Hon Tam tourist area.

You can deposit your belongings at Locker and receive free towels and swimsuits. Please return the deposit of 500,000 VND (and receive the entire deposit back when returning the item)

Lunch at the restaurant is free, please present your physical ticket to have the control code scanned at the restaurant entrance.

Relax your body with Spa services for only 150,000 VND.

Price includes/Not included

Price included

  • Round trip canoe (Large type)
  • Entrance ticket
  • Hot mineral mud bath
  • Swimsuits, towels
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Life jacket
  • Buffet lunch
  • Go to the beach
  • Reclining chair
  • Cool though

Not included

  • Private canoe
  • Tour guide
  • Experience services: Parachute, Scuba diving, Water motorbike, Banana float. The games are free in suitable Combo tour packages
  • Deposit when borrowing items (500,000 VND)
  • Spa
  • Other personal expenses

Find the question that interests you

Is this a private tour or a group tour?

Hon Tam Seaday tickets are sold, organized tours and quality guaranteed by Hon Tam tourist area. This is a tour organized by Hon Tam tourist area and uses 100% facilities of Hon Tam tourist area (Including pier & Canoe transport)

Departure port of Hon Tam Mud Bath ticket

  • For customers buying standard tickets, depart at Vinpearl Nha Trang pier (Vinwonders)
  • For guests who book a Premium (private) tour, they will depart with their own canoe and private tour guide from Nha Trang Tourist Pier (388 Vo Thi Sau, Vinh Truong Ward, Nha Trang City).

How do I book and receive tickets?

  • After successfully booking tickets, you need to pay by bank transfer according to the instructions. Once the booking is confirmed, the tour guide will assist you at the port to complete boarding procedures.

Cano Hon Tam departure time?

Afternoon departure:

08:00, 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00


12:20, 13:20, 14:20, 15:20, 16:20

Note: departure time may change to suit the actual situation. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure time to avoid missing the train.

I want to participate in beach games

Please book tickets according to tour combos in the Find tickets section


Overall Trip Rating:
- Based on 10 travel reviews
😀 Excellent
🙂 Very Good
😕 Average
🙁 Poor
😡 Terrible
  1. Beautiful view, clean beach, ok mud bath
    By Phan Thuan 02/01/2024
    Beautiful view, clean beach, ok mud bath
    Date of Experience: January, 2024
  2. Clear sea water, Hon Viet restaurant on the island has a beautiful view
    By Hoàng Minh Tuấn (Martin Hoang) 25/12/2023
    Clear sea water, Hon Viet restaurant on the island has a beautiful view
    Date of Experience: December, 2023
  3. So beautiful.
    By music fitness 10/12/2023
    So beautiful. The most visited place in tour 1 of the islands
    Date of Experience: December, 2023
  4. Team Building can be organized here.
    By dũng vũ tiến 05/11/2023
    Team Building can be organized here. Service here is at an acceptable level. Beautiful sea, clear water. However, the awareness of tourists is extremely bad. Garbage thrown indiscriminately and excessive use of plastic products.
    Date of Experience: November, 2023
  5. The landscape is quite beautiful for virtual living
    By NTT Chanel's 11/09/2023
    Beautiful 5* resort located on Hon Tam island. There are services here such as massage, mud bath and infinity pool... Experiencing mud bath is also interesting. The landscape is quite beautiful for virtual living.
    Date of Experience: September, 2023
  6. An ideal place to travel, swim, play thrilling beach games, etc.
    By Dzung Tran Viet 02/09/2023
    An ideal place to travel, swim, play thrilling beach games, etc.
    Date of Experience: September, 2023
  7. very bad experience.
    By Heo Péo 02/07/2023
    I don't know why, but I found the experience so bad. The bathroom has too little fresh water, the road is too far, there is no tram, so the elderly and children should consider it. The buffet menu only has about 5 dishes, like a normal lunch. There are no shops or exclusive restaurants around with quite expensive prices, typical of a tourist island. Degraded mineral pools with falling rocks can easily cause injury. The road from the gate to the mud bath and mineral area is very far away, the road to the entrance is steep so it is very tiring, there is no tram, there are many advertisements for outdoor games but it is a service, very expensive.
    Date of Experience: July, 2023
  8. Scenic.
    By Hoài Tâm Phạm 12/06/2023
    Scenic. Suitable for families or overnight vacation tours because the beach is very beautiful in the early morning and afternoon, suitable for those who like to take photos. When returning during the day, they usually go mud bathing and take photos. Entertainment services are There are not many, need to develop more entertainment services.
    Date of Experience: June, 2023
  9. A day can be spent relaxing here
    By Hạnh Dung 09/04/2023
    I went at a time when there were few people so I felt very comfortable. I can spend a day relaxing here, because there are many services such as mud bath, very large swimming pool, hydraulic pool, and swimming activities, Everything. Arranged professionally and cleanly. If the family has young children, it is even more appropriate for the little ones to bathe in a very large swimming pool.
    Date of Experience: April, 2023
  10. Beautiful scenery, but too crowded
    By Anh Phuong 09/04/2023
    The scenery is beautiful, but it's too crowded. If you buy a ticket for 600k, you only get mud bathing, swimming pool, and buffet without swimming. Swimming in the beach is an additional 100k. Having a view of the infinity pool is the most beautiful without being able to go up. A bit boring 🥺…
    Date of Experience: April, 2023

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