Nha Trang Island Tour - Experience a wonderful family vacation

Nha Trang Island Tour (VIP)

6 6 Hours



  • Group tour/private departure
  • Suitable for all sizes of groups
  • Visit 3 places
  • Cost optimization
  • Check-in to the beautiful wooden bridge
  • Mud bath on the island
  • Free swimsuits and towels
  • Have a delicious Set Menu lunch at the Fishing village
  • Free tour guide
  • Pick up and drop off in the city center

Price includes/Not included

Price included

  • Round trip canoe (from 16-44 seats)
  • Entrance ticket to Bai Tranh/Hon Mun
  • Lunch Set Menu at Fishing Village (Standard/ Premium)
  • Hot mineral mud bath at Hon Tam
  • Swimsuits and towels at Hon Tam
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Life jacket
  • Reclining chair
  • Cool though

Not included

  • Private canoe
  • Tour guide
  • Experience services: Parachute, Scuba diving, Water motorbike, Banana float
  • Deposit when borrowing items (500,000 VND)
  • Spa
  • Other personal expenses


Overall Trip Rating:
- Based on 21 travel reviews
Very Good
  1. Interesting experience, beautiful sea.
    By tâm vlog 24/01/2024
    Interesting experience, beautiful sea. Gate ticket 50k does not include freshwater bath 10k.
    Date of Experience: June, 2023
  2. Beautiful beach
    By HOANG LIEN SON 24/01/2024
    Beautiful beach, great coral diving experience service
    Date of Experience: November, 2023
  3. All ok
    By Duy Tâm Đỗ 24/01/2024
    All ok. Each beach is a bit small. If you want to take a shower, buy 1 bucket of water and that's enough.
    Date of Experience: September, 2023
  4. The sea is beautiful, clear blue but too sunny
    By Channel Le 24/01/2024
    The sea is beautiful, clear blue but too sunny
    Date of Experience: November, 2023
  5. The beach is clean and the white sand is very beautiful.
    By Hoang Tam 24/01/2024
    The beach is clean and the white sand is very beautiful. There are many interesting activities for you to enjoy and relax.
    Date of Experience: June, 2023
  6. Bai Tranh is quite clean and worth experiencing
    By trinhtrinh 23/01/2024
    The sea is clear, the beach is quite clean, the entrance ticket is 70k/person with free seats. I went in early July and booked a private tour, so when the guests were away, the beach was super super beautiful, suitable for families with small children, worth it. Experience, unedited images
    Date of Experience: June, 2023
  7. Not recommended
    By Irgo Abrams 16/01/2024
    I don't recommend it. Crowds of naive tourists are brought here who apparently have never seen anything better. Taking a swim in a mud bath for 350 per person is too expensive and this does not take into account logistics. There is nothing else on the island. The area is too small, no entertainment, just a beach with an ordinary view. the water is clean and clear, but there are so many beautiful places in Nha Trang, so it's not worth getting to this island just for that. My advice to the resort owners: make at least a path into the interior of the island to climb to the top and explore the surrounding area. Then you will not regret the money spent. So far I'm just very disappointed.
    Date of Experience: January, 2024
  8. Hon Mun is beautiful
    By Trinh Xuan Toan 20/12/2023
    Stunningly beautiful sea, watching coral, diving, parachuting, water dragons....
    Date of Experience: December, 2023
  9. Horrible winter
    By Thanh Nguyen 25/08/2023
    Now, following the group to the silkworm island tour, it's terribly crowded. There are so many people without a changing room that standing around is too tiring. Not to mention, after taking a mud bath, the pool was turbid. Look, I don't dare bathe in the pool. Have a beautiful landscape and a beautiful sea. There's so many people that you can't play much. You should avoid holidays or summer holidays to be quiet. This is a loss. Eastern. I don't dare take pictures of people because I'm afraid people will say it's crowded. If I go during the summer or on the weekend, I probably won't be able to bear it.
    Date of Experience: August, 2023
  10. The amusement park and swimming area are worth going to experience
    By Đào Văn Đãng 05/07/2023
    The amusement park and swimming area are worth going to experience
    Date of Experience: July, 2023
  11. Beautiful scenery, clean sea, good service, friendly service staff
    By Do Manh Cuong 09/06/2023
    Beautiful scenery, clean sea, good service, friendly service staff
    Date of Experience: June, 2023
  12. Not very good
    By Юрий Ермишов 19/05/2023
    Impossible to find pier from first time No one speaks English Jams on the entry Everything is very old Swimming pool is 0.9 - to wash legs only Bad navigation inside U pay deposits everywhere and for everything
    Date of Experience: May, 2023
  13. not so good
    By 김나라 16/05/2023
    I sent a message to Merperl in advance asking for directions to the dock, but there was no response. I heard that Vinpearl had also taken over Merperl during my stay at Vinpearl Luxury, so I received directions to this place from the staff there, but the dock staff, who had no moving vehicles and could not communicate, kept paying me 50,000 dong to get to Vinpearl dock. I told him to go there and the Grab driver took me there for 30,000 dong. The taxi driver used a translator to tell me that I had to go to Vinpearl because it was under construction, but the staff kept saying only 50,000 dong. Even after moving to Vinpearl Pier, there is no proper response to this issue. Go to Vinpearl Pier
    Date of Experience: May, 2023
  14. Review Bai Tranh
    By Giang Lelyna 16/04/2023
    Coming to Bai Tranh, there is a beautiful beach, one side is a sandy beach and the other is a beach lined with coconut trees - super nice photos! Paragliding costs 650k/person and there is a diving area and underwater walking area for 500k-800k. You can book your own canoe and then go to BTranh to play. The entrance fee only costs about 50k/person! To eat and drink, go to the fishing village to choose fresh food that is tastier and cheaper than eating at Bai Tranh!
    Date of Experience: April, 2023
  15. A beautiful sightseeing spot
    By hồ thị thẩm thương 15/04/2023
    Clear blue water, clean beach. A beautiful sightseeing spot
    Date of Experience: April, 2023
  16. Hon Tam is quite good
    By Elizabeth Dinh 14/04/2023
    Large port with many ships and canoes operating. Service is good, don't have to wait long.
    Date of Experience: April, 2023
  17. Unhappy experience
    By Khoa Nguyen 12/04/2023
    1. There is a phenomenon of staff collaborating with outsiders to sell tickets. - Upon entering the door, after declaring disinfection, a guy wearing a staff uniform asked how many people there were, then told the price for a full combo ticket for adults 670k, children 480k, a while later a person wearing non-staff clothes came in to give tickets and collect money. sneakily, then I found an employee to disinfect the customer and asked at the ticket counter. He called the next room and in particular, this employee stood right there and witnessed the ticket solicitation. It's possible that the entire crew here is involved in this ticket-shopping matter. According to the information shared by mn, the full combo ticket price is only 5xx 2. On the island, the staff are friendly and fun, some children's play areas are neglected and cannot be played. The sea is extremely dangerous, with rocks, shells, and it's easy to lose your footing. When the water reaches your belly, one step will cause you to sink about 3-4 meters deep. The water is clean and clear, the view is beautiful. 3. The buffet is okay but not delicious. 4. Infinity lake water is quite dirty but the view is beautiful. 5. Mud bath is the best.
    Date of Experience: February, 2023
  18. I booked a tour that was expensive
    By Bao na 31/01/2023
    I bought a tour to Hon Tam for 650k/person according to the price printed on an advertisement at a hotel where I stayed. When we arrived, we found out that the ticket price was only 550k/person. I was transported by canoe to the island. In my opinion, this tour is too busy and does not leave any special impression. When taking a mud bath, the staff rushes out to let other people in. Hydromassage is too painful, I can't stand it. Bathing in the mineral pool is extremely bad, the water is cloudy, not spacious, and not deep enough for swimming. The buffet is super bad, the listed price is 250k but the food, in my opinion, is only worth feeding pigs. I can only eat salad. The rest is nothing delicious, the seafood is not fresh, the fruit is also cheap. Compared to other tour places I've been to, the quality of this tour is too poor, not worth the money. I would rather pay 2 or 3 times more money but receive the same quality. This price is not high but it is too "expensive".
    Date of Experience: January, 2023
  19. Beautiful beach
    By Nghia Ha 02/01/2023
    Beautiful beach. However, boats travel a lot, so bathing will smell of oil. Eating seafood is great. There is a friendly and enthusiastic "Dump Lord".
    Date of Experience: January, 2023
  20. satisfied
    By Ngọc Oanh 08/06/2022
    Beautiful and poetic scene. Cool blue sea water. People should buy tickets in advance because they are cheaper, but buying them at the port is much more expensive
    Date of Experience: June, 2022
  21. Review Bai Tranh
    By Nguyet Anh Nguyen 20/05/2022
    Great experience, riding on the wave to get to the beach, had so much fun, it took about 7 minutes to get there. The water was clear, beautiful view, there were many games. I bought the ticket to enter, but there were inconveniences such as: The toilet was down. supply, fresh water must be purchased for bathing - need to add more stalls selling soft drinks and fast food, especially if there is a room selling convenience items such as hats, glasses, life jacket rental, swimsuits... - On the good service side, take photos with a camera and record with a flycam.
    Date of Experience: May, 2022

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