Nha Trang tourist wharf

Nha Trang Tourist Pier is the departure point to visit the islands in Nha Trang Bay, address: 388 Vo Thi Sau, Vinh Truong Ward, Nha Trang City

Welcome to Nha Trang tourist wharf, an interesting destination not to be missed when visiting this beautiful coastal city. Nha Trang tourist wharf, located at 388 Vo Thi Sau, Vinh Truong Ward, is the heart of famous island tours in Nha Trang.

This pier was born as a perfect replacement for the old Cau Da port, which has temporarily ceased operations since May 2020. With an area of 5500 square meters, the pier is not only large but also modern and comfortable. The infrastructure includes 12 locks and more than 70 businesses and hundreds of vehicles ready to serve you.

When you arrive here, you will be welcomed at the waiting room that can accommodate hundreds of guests, where you can comfortably rest and prepare for the trip. For those traveling by car or motorbike, there is no need to worry because the pier provides a large, spacious and safe parking lot.

From Nha Trang tourist wharf, you can participate in exciting tours to famous islands of Nha Trang. Imagine you are surfing on cool waves to reach Hon Mun, a place famous for diving and coral viewing activities. Or explore Robinson (on Hon Tre), Coral Bay on Hon Tre, Hon Tam with tourist areas Hon Tam Resort and Yen Dong Tam island. Don't forget to visit Mun island with Mini Beach, Bai TrOlder brother, Coral Bay 2, Hon Soi, and the unique Fishing Village Restaurant.

Each island has its own unique beauty, from white beaches, clear water, to rich coral ecosystems and colorful local cultural life. You will experience exciting boat trips, enjoy amazing sea views and participate in many recreational activities, from scuba diving, snorkeling, to enjoying local cuisine.

Nha Trang tourist wharf is not just a starting point for trips Nha Trang island tour adventure to beautiful islands, but also a place to meet, exchange cultures and create unforgettable memories for visitors. Come and discover the magic of the sea in Nha Trang!


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