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Nha Trang Mountain Church is the 5th destination in the city tour - Nha Trang City Tour. In previous articles, Khanh Hoa Travel took you to:

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Fourth point: Mountain Church

Fifth point: Long Son Pagoda

Mountain Church is also known as Stone Church, Nha Trang Cathedral, Nga Sau Cathedral, (Nha Trang Cathedral)

Panorama of Nha Trang Mountain Church
Panorama of Nha Trang Mountain Church

Located right in the heart of the coastal city of Nha Trang overlooking the Sau roundabout, Nha Trang Mountain Church is a famous spiritual and cultural work of religious people. With its location on a hill, Nha Trang Mountain Church was built solidly, lasting over the years. This is the place for religious activities of Christians.

Christmas decorations at Stone Church

History of Nha Trang Mountain Church

In 1886, a French priest, Mr. Louis Vallet, intended to build a church in Nha Trang. However, on September 3, 1928, construction of the church was started and completed in March 1930 on a small mountain called Bong Mountain and that is also the reason why we often know Coming to the name mountain church or Nha Trang stone church. It is a cultural work with massive architecture in the center of Nha Trang, suggesting another name for this church, Nha Trang Cathedral.

Mountain Church in the past
Mountain Church in the past

The feast of Saint Jeanne d'Arc was combined with the inauguration of the church on May 14, 1933. Father Louis Vallet chose Christ the King as the patron of the church, so the name Christ the King started from here.

On October 24, 1945, Father Louis Vallet passed away and was buried at the foot of the mountain next to the road to the church. Since its construction, the stone church has had a few minor renovations, mostly adding statues, repairing paths, etc.

Nha Trang Stone Church has a history of nearly 200 years, going through many historical periods but still retaining the architectural features from the day of its formation. The church is considered a historical relic, a destination for thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Highlights of Nha Trang Mountain Church

The stone church has a unique and luxurious structure, imbued with ancient Western architecture. The solid, sturdy rocks stand out against the lush green park landscape, rising in the middle of the vast sky. In particular, standing from afar when looking at Nha Trang stone church, visitors will be fascinated by the sect's symbol placed on the roof top of the church painted in a striking, eye-catching ivory white color.

Nha Trang Stone Church has three outstanding features: This is a destination in Nha Trang that attracts a large number of tourists coming here with the purpose of discovering the ancient and unique features of the church.

Outside the stone church

First, the church was built in French architectural style with the talented advice of French architect Nesty and the management of priest Loui Vallet. When he died, parishioners buried him at the foot of the mountain. The tomb was built next to the road, including 53 stone steps leading up to the Stone Church.

Second, at Nha Trang Stone Church, local people used about 500 land mine shells to create ground on the top of the mountain. If you look at the whole, many tourists will think that this Nha Trang tourist destination is an architectural work of citadels and castles in ancient Rome with bare stone walls. The Stone Church was built very solidly with the entire load-bearing pillar system cast in reinforced concrete, while the walls were built with card bricks, cemented and lined.

Third, the church has a high steeple in the middle. There hang three bells - easily recognizable features of Western Catholic churches.

Main hall of Stone Church

In the main hall of the church, colorful neon lights are always shimmering. When you step inside the church, you can feel the cozy, peaceful but very airy space. The church is not at all gloomy but brightly lit because the church is built with colorful glass pieces. When the sunlight shines, the church shimmers as if it were lit with colored lights.

Outside the church, the campus is spacious with green trees and four-season flower clusters with cool and gentle fragrant algae, blooming all year round to attract tourists.

The sanctuary is the highlight and most prominent highlight of the Church. This area has a spacious, airy space with a high, open dome and is filled with light every early morning. The solemnity of this place makes people feel peaceful and relaxed in their souls.

The main hall of the stone church

How to get to Mountain Church?

All roads in the city center lead to Sau intersection, where the Mountain Church is located. Coming here, even if you are a first-time visitor, feels very easy. The church has a parking lot for motorbikes and cars to serve visitors. You can get here by personal vehicle or public transportation such as Taxi and tram

Notes when visiting Nha Trang Mountain Church

Like many spiritual tourist areas, Nha Trang Mountain Church is a free, non-ticketed place to visit. Guests are free to visit, learn and take photos according to opening hours here. According to my observations, at this time (December 2022), every day there are many visitors from Korea, Russia, and Thailand coming to visit the Mountain Church, in addition to Vietnamese visitors.

If you only come to visit and take photos, you should pay attention to the ceremony hours at the top of the church to keep quiet and avoid making noise and disturbing the solemn atmosphere during the ceremony. Especially do not make noise or take photos in the Cathedral. In particular, although the church allows visitors to enter freely, visitors should only visit allowed public places.

Spiritual tourism highlight

This is also a religious building and a sacred place, so remember to preserve and preserve this historical relic. Especially you have to pay attention to how you dress. It is best to wear polite clothes, skirts, and pants above the knee. You are also not allowed to wear a hat when entering the Cathedral.

Stone church hallway

Coming to the Mountain Church, you can easily see tourists praying attentively at the Cathedral.

Every morning and afternoon, visitors to the church can also participate in sermons. People in this area mainly follow Catholicism, so this place is considered a spiritual support in the religious culture of Khanh Hoa people.

Coming to Nha Trang, in addition to modern buildings like Vinpearl Nha Trang, the beaches are as beautiful as those on the Island Tam island and destinations of Nha Trang island tour ; The ancient beauty is no less magnificent and magnificent Nha Trang stone church also contributes to the attraction of this coastal city. 

Ticket price for Nha Trang Mountain Church

Nha Trang Mountain Church is open to everyone for free. However, guests may have to pay extra for parking and donation money at the entrance gate.

What time is Nha Trang Mountain Church open?

The church is open to serve tourists from 08:00 to 18:00 every day (except during services)

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