Travel safely, do not drive after drinking alcohol

Vietnam, a country with the highest consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages in the world, 2nd in Southeast Asia, 10th in Asia and 29th globally, is facing a Consumption rate is alarming. The popularity of alcohol is not only a manifestation of society's drinking culture but also a leading cause of disability and death. The consequences of alcohol use not only affect personal health but also create a huge burden on the health system, the economy and cause many other social problems such as domestic violence, traffic accidents and reduced labor productivity.

In that context, the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security's consultation on the absolute ban on driving under the influence of alcohol is an important and necessary step. This regulation not only emphasizes the importance of protecting people's lives and health but is also an effort to minimize the negative consequences caused by alcohol, especially in the field of traffic.

Tourists coming to coastal tourist cities like Nha Trang also need to be aware of the seriousness of this problem. To ensure safety for themselves and the community, visitors should:

  • Avoid driving after drinking and look for other safe transportation options.
  • Support and encourage others to comply with regulations, contributing to a safe traffic and social environment.
  • Raise awareness about the consequences of alcohol use and participate in community education activities.

The ban on driving under the influence of alcohol in Vietnam is not only part of the effort to reduce traffic accidents but also a step forward in the general campaign to minimize the harmful effects of alcohol on society. .

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