10 countries with the most tourists in 2023

List of 10 countries that attract the most tourists. The article provides detailed data on the number of tourists to these countries, especially the superiority of Bangkok and Thailand compared to other cities such as Paris.

Based on information from VnExpress and World Population Review, the 10 most popular tourist cities in 2023 include:

  1. France: 90 million visits
  2. Spain: 83.7 million
  3. United States: 79.3 million
  4. China: 65.7 million
  5. Italy: 64.5 million
  6. Türkiye: 51.2 million
  7. Mexico: 45 million
  8. Thailand: 39.8 million
  9. Germany: 39.6 million
  10. UK: 39.4 million

Đáng chú ý, Bangkok, với gần 40 triệu lượt khách, đã vượt qua Paris để trở thành điểm đến đông khách nhất. Điều này phản ánh sự thay đổi trong xu hướng du lịch toàn cầu.

10 countries with the most tourists in 2023 - France .jpg
France is the most popular tourist country in 2023

World Population Review is a diverse information site, providing data and information on global issues, especially population. This independent organization provides up-to-date statistics and analysis on population trends, economic indicators, and social metrics from various countries and regions. Its goal is to increase awareness and understanding of challenges and opportunities related to population and social development globally.

To illustrate more clearly, a chart has been drawn based on this data, showing the difference in visitor numbers between countries. This chart not only reflects the strong recovery of the global tourism industry but also shows a change in the tendency of tourists to choose destinations.

10 countries with the most tourists in 2023

Vì sao Băng Côc thành công?

Có nhiều lý do nhưng có thể kể đến một vài nguyên nhân sau.

  • Accessibility: The growth of low-cost airlines has increased accessibility to Bangkok.
  • Cultural diversity: Bangkok cung cấp sự hoà trộn giữa truyền thống và hiện đại, thu hút du khách với sự đa dạng văn hóa.
  • Cheap tour price. Travel costs in Bangkok are lower than European cities such as Paris, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. The cost of going to Thailand compared to domestic tours (Vietnam) is even cheaper, which makes people feel extremely interested in choosing Thai travel instead of going domestically.
  • Various cuisine: Bangkok is famous for its unique and rich street food, a factor that attracts tourists.
Top 10 most visited countries in 2023 - Bangkok .jpg
Bangkok is the most popular tourist city in the world in 2023

How many visitors will Vietnam have in 2023?

In 2023, Vietnam has achieved significant achievements in the tourism industry. According to data from the General Statistics Office, Vietnam has welcomed 12.6 million international visitors. Besides, the number of domestic tourists is also impressive with 108.2 million people, making an important contribution to the total revenue from the tourism industry, reaching 678.3 trillion VND.

This shows the strong recovery and great potential of Vietnamese tourism after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, many people still agree that Vietnam's tourism is at a much lower level than its potential.

At the end of the article, strong hopes are placed on Vietnam, a country with long historical value and unique culture, to soon enter the top 10 most popular tourist countries. To achieve this, Vietnam needs strong support from domestic tourists and improve the quality of tourism services, providing competitive prices, especially air and train ticket prices.

At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate unjust business activities, predatory practices, and ugly actions that negatively affect the tourism industry. A comprehensive and sustainable change will not only create a favorable environment for tourism but also enhance Vietnam's image on the world tourism map.

Which country has the most tourists in 2023?

France is the world's most popular tourist country in 2023 with about 90 million visitors


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