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What's good about Truong Son Nha Trang craft village?

10 Vietnamese records

Nestled next to the vibrant coastal city, Truong Son Craft Village in Nha Trang is not only a unique cultural destination but also a symbol of creativity and the quintessence of Vietnamese handicraft art. Known for its "10 Vietnam records", the craft village not only attracts tourists because of its elegance, but also through unique experiences and profound cultural exchanges.

  • Vietnam record: The country's largest gourd model is made up of 542 small gourds
  • 542 small gourds were handwritten with the complete set of 3,254 verses of The Tale of Kieu by great poet Nguyen Du
  • Set of 4 maps of Vietnam handcrafted using the largest natural materials in Vietnam, from left to right are dried coconuts, dried gourds, snail shells combined with stones and rattan ropes.
  • The largest sand painting (square and round) shaped with calligraphy letters in Vietnam
  • The giant tree wall has portraits of famous people woven from the largest synthetic fiber in Vietnam
  • Set of 8 largest paintings of calligraphy and spiritual calligraphy in Vietnam

Established in 2014, this project is a fusion of cultural preservation and traditional practices, creating a large display area of more than 1.95 hectares in Phuoc Long ward, City. Nha Trang.

New experiences for tourists

Over the years, Khanh Hoa tourism has regularly attracted millions of visitors to familiar destinations that have created brands such as Ponagar tower, Aquarium Institute, Hon Chong, Mountain Church good Long Son Pagoda There are always new experience requirements for tourists, especially those who have been to Nha Trang one or more times. Truong Son Craft Village is a truly valuable addition!

Visitors to Truong Son Craft Village have the opportunity to admire unique handicraft works that set Vietnamese records, such as the country's largest gourd model and a set of 4 handcrafted maps of Vietnam. from natural materials, the largest calligraphy-shaped sand painting in Vietnam, and many other works of art.

Artisans here not only create unique art products but also demonstrate the production process for visitors to enjoy, from weaving rattan, mat weaving, making conical hats, to producing bamboo and carpentry products. fine arts, making Lu Cam pottery.

The craft village space is cool and colorful with green trees, ornamental plants and many flowers, giving visitors a relaxing and pleasant feeling. But what brings tourists to the craft village and makes everyone want to linger longer is the enthusiastic, friendly and enthusiastic tour guides and owners of traditional crafts, artists performing traditional musical instruments. thoughtful.

In addition, Truong Son Craft Village also displays new and unique works of art such as the Truc Chi set of works by artist Phan Hai Bang, the work Tiger Tiger Smashes Covid-19, and a set of wind chimes depicting 54 ethnic groups, bringing profound and unique cultural experiences to visitors.

Truong Son Craft Village is not only a place to introduce and preserve traditional culture and crafts of Khanh Hoa but also a prominent tourist destination, attracting domestic and foreign tourists. The appreciation of many domestic and international tourists further affirms the cultural value and attraction of Truong Son Craft Village to the local tourism and culture industry.

Contribute to refreshing your Nha Trang trip

Truong Son Craft Village, through the combination of tradition and modernity, opens a unique cultural space where visitors can gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese history, culture and artistic quintessence. This is definitely a destination not to be missed for those who want to explore the true cultural and artistic beauty of Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa.

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