Mon Delicious Nha Trang episode 2

Nha Trang delicious foods – Episode 2

In episode 1 of the Nha Trang Delicious Dishes series, Khanh Hoa Travel joined you to discover the first delicious dishes you must try when arriving in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. Specialties such as banh canh, fish vermicelli, banh xeo, and grilled spring rolls are on the menu and perhaps you have enjoyed one or more of them. In this episode 2, we invite you to continue exploring the culinary essence of the coastal city with KhanhHoaTravel

8. Han Thuyen Beef Salad (Snack)

In the memories of many generations of Nha Trang people, there is a place that cannot be ignored when discussing cuisine - that is Han Thuyen dried beef salad restaurant. Not a luxury restaurant or a sea view cafe, Han Thuyen dried beef salad restaurant is a rustic restaurant, but is located in a prime location, right next to the school, becoming a familiar meeting place for many students. students, students and even curious tourists.

It is located right on the corner of the street, where you can sit and watch the bustling people, listen to laughter, traffic and feel the vibrant atmosphere of the coastal city.

Legend of Student Age

Han Thuyen dried beef salad restaurant is not simply a place to eat but also a rendezvous for friendship and love during school days. Many Nha Trang people also have memories with this toad restaurant: from skipping school to enjoy beef salad, silent dates under the excuse of "eating beef salad", to noisy class meetings. and bustling. The shop has become a part of youth, a place to mark beautiful memories of many generations.

And of course, we cannot help but mention the dried beef salad - the soul of the restaurant. The dried beef salad here has a strange appeal, with the spicy taste of chili, the aroma of apricot leaves, the crunchiness of dried beef combined with crispy fried onions, all creating a unique flavor. Can't mix it up. Each time you enjoy it is a time you will never forget.

Even though it is a toad restaurant, the service quality and taste of the food at Han Thuyen dried beef salad restaurant makes many high-end restaurants have to "give up". The restaurant not only attracts customers by its delicious food but also by the friendliness and closeness of the seller. Coming here, you will not only enjoy dried beef salad but also hear stories about Nha Trang past and present, about generations of students who have visited the restaurant.

Han Thuyen dried beef salad shop - a small toad shop but filled with many memories, has become an indispensable part in the memory books of many Nha Trang people and even far-away tourists. If you have the opportunity to visit Nha Trang, don't forget to come to this restaurant to try the special dried beef salad and hear interesting stories about it!

9. Original Huong Bread

Simple with only rolls, raw vegetables, soy sauce & chili; Nguyen Huong Bread is popular from the moment it opens until it runs out. There are currently 4 lockers that Khanh Hoa Travel has listed: at Nha Trang University Slope (Nguyen Dinh Chieu), Thong Nhat, To Hien Thanh & Le Quy Don.

Nguyen Huong Bread is delicious and has an unmistakable flavor, it's worth a try!

Price: 18,000 VND/bottle

ten . Sau Street Bread (Ms. Phuong)

When talking about Nha Trang's street food, it is impossible not to mention Ms. Phuong Nui Mot's bread - an address that has become an indispensable symbol in the hearts of locals and tourists from near and far.

Located quite hidden on Mot mountain road, right near Mountain Church and how Nha Trang train station Just a few hundred meters away, Ms. Phuong's bread shop is not an easy place to find for those who visit Nha Trang for the first time. But it is the discreetness and simplicity that creates an irresistible attraction, making anyone want to try it once to enjoy it.

Ms. Phuong's bread is famous for its crispy outside and soft, fragrant inside. But what makes the brand of bread here is the diverse and rich filling options, from grilled meat, patties, pate to raw vegetables and typical spices, all meticulously prepared. , rich in flavor.

Each banh mi here is the perfect combination of the crunchiness of the bread, the sweetness of the meat, the fatty taste of the pate and the freshness of the raw vegetables. Not too fussy in presentation, but Ms. Phuong Nui Mot's bread always makes diners remember it forever from the first time they try it.

Price: 20,000 VND/bottle

11 – Nha Trang dam cake

Have you ever wondered why a dish has such a "violent" name? Bang cake – it sounds like a wrestling match on the dinner table, but in reality, this is a culinary adventure that couldn't be sweeter! Imagine, you are sitting in a chair, in front of you is a crispy rice paper and a soft moist cake. “Damning cake” – the name says it all, you will “slap” the crispy rice paper and the soft, moist rice paper “smash” together, creating a pleasant sound and an undeniable blend of flavors. from.

Address: 69 Huynh Thuc Khang, near Xom Moi Nha Trang market

Realize that each dish here is not only an experience for the taste buds but also a part of the culture, history and humanity here. From the artful slap cake, Ms. Phuong Nui Mot's bread to Han Thuyen's dried beef salad, each dish carries a special story, a distinct soul of Nha Trang.

We invite you, tourists from far away, when you arrive in Nha Trang, to try and experience more than 10 delicious dishes that have been introduced. Don't forget to leave your review! Each feeling, each review will be a great source of encouragement for chefs and restaurants, contributing to the preservation and development of local cuisine.

In addition, Nha Trang cuisine does not stop at the mainland. Tam island, Mun island – the precious gems of the East Sea – will also be an ideal destination for those who want to discover more about island cuisine. The Daily Nha Trang island tour will take you to unique and unforgettable culinary experiences on the islands, where you can enjoy fresh seafood, prepared in the typical style of the sea people.

Let Nha Trang - with its blue sea, white sand and, above all, great food - become an unmissable stop on your journey to discover Vietnamese cuisine. We believe that, wherever you go, the flavor of Nha Trang will always be a beautiful, unforgettable memory in your heart.

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