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Where is Hon Tam Nha Trang located?

Hon Tam is one of the famous tourist destinations in Nha Trang and is blessed with beautiful scenery by nature. This place not only possesses a prime location with a landscape of long sandy beaches and clear blue beaches, but is also famous for most of its services for tourists.

Hon Tam (also known as Thuy Kim Son) is an island larger than 110 hectares located in Nha Trang Bay, 7 km southeast of the city. Hon Tam is always the ideal choice among destinations sought by tourists. This is an ideal place for tourists who are passionate about tourism or want to admire the natural scenery and services that meet the needs of tourists, where the scenery still retains many beautiful features. Pristine and pure in the clear blue waters of the island.

Coming here, visitors can not only enjoy the natural space of the sea and islands, but coming to Hon Tam is an opportunity for visitors to experience extremely interesting entertainment and relaxation activities with extremely diverse games such as Water games or relaxing mud baths as well as enjoying delicious fresh seafood cuisine or typical island dishes prepared by local people are always delicious and attractive to tourists. .

2. Which season is best to travel to Hon Tam Island?

Nha Trang is not only blessed with beautiful natural scenery, but also has a fairly mild and pleasant climate with an average annual temperature of about 26.5⁰C. 

The dry season is mostly long, making it convenient for traveling to the beach. This season, there is less rain and sunshine, making the sea water clearer. And Hon Tam is always a place to attract tourists and the most ideal time to explore this sunny and windy island is from March to September, this is when Hon Tam is at its most beautiful, the sea is at its most beautiful. green, white sand, golden sunshine, and dry climate are favorable for tourism activities and outdoor entertainment services to be more interesting and attractive.

Tourists should note that if you intend to travel to Nha Trang in winter, you should monitor the weather forecast to avoid bad weather and storms, especially from late October to December.

3.Move to Hon Tam island

With a distance of 7km traveling by waterway to get to Hon Tam island from Nha Trang city, you can refer to the following form of transportation.

Rent a canoe or boat to go to the island, with more than 20 round trips per day at the port, you only need to wait 20 minutes for one to depart. However, the canoe's operating hours will end at 8:00 p.m. every day, so you should arrange a reasonable travel time.

You can book a group tour on travel companies to experience a three-island tour of Hon Tam suitable for families with costs starting from only 500,000 VND/person.

4. Hon Tam tourist cuisine

Hon Tam tourist area has different restaurants located on the island to serve tourists: Hon Viet restaurant, Bamboo and Ocean View. The restaurants are located in different separate areas serving daily Hon Tam tour packages.

Tam's restaurant

5.Choose a hotel for your trip to Hon Tam

You can stay on Hon Tam Island, where there are always many developed hotel and resort systems, with many options suitable for individuals or families who want to relax.

With high quality hotels, resorts and bungalows, you will have an impressive place to stay. You can refer to some quality hotels near Hon Tam below, with prices starting from only 500,000 VND/night.

6. Fun activities at Hon Tam

For tourists who have bought tickets to travel in groups or families, Hon Tam is truly a wonderful paradise for sightseeing and entertainment.

You can also join Traveloka's Hon Tam tour to experience the most special things.

You can visit Traveloka to check ticket prices for entertainment services on the island with appropriate costs:

  • Sightseeing ticket price: 360,000 VND/adult ticket; 250,000 VND/child ticket; Free for children under 1m.
  • Sightseeing ticket price includes lunch buffet: 580,000 VND/adult ticket; 410,000 VND/ticket for children under 1m3; Free for children under 1m.
  • Kayaking: 500,000 VND/turn.
  • 10-minute parachute flight: 600,000 VND/person/turn; 1,000,000 VND/2 people/time.
  • Water motorbike: 600,000 VND/person/turn, 1,100,000 VND/2 people/turn.
  • Canoe pulling flying buoy: 800,000 VND/turn.
  • Windsurfing canoe: 950,000 VND/6 people/15 minutes.
  • Seabreacher: 1,100,000 VND/trip.
  • Windsurfing: 600,000 VND/turn.
  • Golf: 130,000/VND/20 balls.
  • Banana buoy pulling: 1,000,000 VND/6 people/15 minutes.

And when coming to Hon Tam, don't miss some interesting services and amenities when buying Merperle Hon Tam Resort tickets.

Visit Hoang Hoa Thon

On the island, there is a place that you should not miss: Hoang Hoa Thon. This is an ancient village with 5 houses up to 100 years old. Coming here, you will enter the ancient, traditional living space of the ancients.

You will admire a house with 36 columns, with old items such as lanterns, rice mills, tureens, traps, tables, cabinets, and learn about ancient craft villages such as pottery villages. , brocade weaving, wine making. And this place often takes place traditional festivals imbued with national identity such as the fishing festival, incense offering ceremony to King Hung, cherry blossom festival, etc.

Enjoy the blue sea space

Coming to Hon Tam Island, the thing you should not miss is enjoying the green sea and island space. With a coastline of more than 1km, smooth white sand, green coconut trees, clear blue water that can be seen at the bottom, all create a poetic and romantic scene.

Mud bath at Hon Tam

The mineral mud bath complex on Hon Tam island, with an area of up to 42,000 square meters, is the largest mud bath area in Vietnam. The design blends in with the natural mountains and forests, so you can relax in the mud while admiring the view overlooking Nha Trang Bay.

The complex not only has relaxing mud baths, but also has artificial streams and green natural landscapes, creating a nature-friendly space.

Mud bathing is always a favorite activity for women. After hours of fun at the beach, soaking in the cool mud will help your body become more healthy and detoxify the body after days of work. tired or participate in some thrilling games.

  1. Water motorbike
  2. Whether flying
  3. Kayaking
  4. Seawalk – walk under the sea to see coral
  5. Golf course

7. A few notes to make your trip to Hon Tam more complete.

These pocket experiences when traveling to Hon Tam help me add a few useful tips to make the trip more complete.

  1. Plan your trip early to book bus tickets, plane tickets, and hotels early, at more preferential prices.
  2. Bring some food or drinks to use when you get to the island, because finding restaurants on the island is not easy.
  3. The weather on the island is quite sunny, you should prepare a sun-protective jacket, wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen during the trip.
  4. You should get off the port 10-15 minutes before the canoe departure time.
  5. Prepare all necessary personal items, because the island is currently undeveloped, so finding and buying goods is a bit difficult.

Hon Tam tours are currently popular

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