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What to do in Nha Trang? Explore 13 famous beautiful Nha Trang tourist destinations

“What's there to do in Nha Trang?” is the question that many tourists are most interested in when coming to this beautiful coastal city. Take a look at the famous Nha Trang tourist destinations that are popular with tourists. Surely you will have a colorful trip to Nha Trang with a variety of experiences. 

What's there to do in Nha Trang?

Nha Trang, also fondly called "Pearl of the Far East", is known as one of the most beautiful bays and islands in the world. This place possesses beautiful clear blue beaches, romantic stretches of sand and many other charming landscapes. Nha Trang has always been a hot tourist destination, especially every summer, not only for Vietnamese tourists but also for guests from all over the world.

What's interesting about traveling to Nha Trang?

Nha Trang is one of the famous and beautiful tourist destinations, the top choice for those who want to relax and explore nature. Here are 4 reasons why tourists choose Nha Trang as their vacation destination every year. When travel to Nha Trang, you cannot miss these experiences.

There are many scenic spots

Nha Trang converges many landscapes with unique architecture. This is one of the reasons why many tourists are hesitant to book Nha Trang tour.

These location in Nha Trang that you cannot miss when traveling here are: Ponagar tower, Long Son Pagoda, Hon Chong, Museum of Oceanography, Stone church,…

There are many beautiful islands

It can be said that Nha Trang owns many beautiful islands with unique shapes. Each island has its own hidden beauty that attracts tourists. The only thing these islands have in common is the clear blue water, creating peace, gentleness, poetry and helping to improve the spirit and health of visitors.

Famous islands of Nha Trang are typically: Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Hon Tre, Hon Mieu, Hon Tam, Hon Noi - Hon Ngoai (Yen Island)...

There are many thrilling games

Famous for its beautiful beaches, Nha Trang's pleasures are often associated with the sea. Thrilling games such as canoeing, parasailing, parasailing, jet skiing, banana floats... always attract tourists every time they have the opportunity. Travel to Nha Trang.

There are many good food

Not only famous for its beach games, this city also attracts tourists with its delicious and unique Nha Trang dishes. The most outstanding is still the fresh seafood dishes from fishing villages with an abundance of many different types. Among them, dishes made from seafood such as fish ball vermicelli, jellyfish vermicelli, fish ball noodle soup... attract many tourists.

In addition, bird's nest and grilled spring rolls are two famous dishes in Nha Trang that attract many people.

Which location is attractive?

Nha Trang tourist destination always makes travelers fond of traveling because of its rich and poetic scenery. The combination of bustling urban areas and rich island space creates an irresistible attraction for the coastal city.

In addition to the beautiful and attractive natural landscape, visitors should also not forget to visit the interesting entertainment places here!

Beautiful beaches and islands near Nha Trang city

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang (now Vinwonders)

Located on the beautiful Hon Tre island between the ocean and clear blue beaches all year round, Vinpearl Land is known as Nha Trang tourist destination – “tropical paradise” attracts all tourists.

VinWonders Nha Trang is known as an amusement park with many game zones that bring many extremely interesting experiences.

Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam Island is located 7 km from Nha Trang city Nha Trang tourist destination, an experience you must definitely visit when you come to the city. Hon Tam Island is dreamily beautiful with rows of coconut trees running along the green beach. 

Visitors can lie on a chair, listen to the sound of ocean waves mixed with the sound of coconut leaves rustling together, and experience extremely interesting beach games such as skydiving, jet skiing, and surfing. plank,…

Cuisine in Tam island It is also a tourist attraction here with fresh and delicious seafood prepared extremely attractively.

Hon Mun Island

This is known as the most poetic island in Nha Trang. The island conquers the hearts of any tourist who sets foot here with its endless stretches of white sand, green beaches with wild bird's nests clinging to the cliffs.

Come to the island Hon Mun is to come to the clear, vast blue water, to the rich and colorful coral beaches. With such richness in ecosystem, Hon Mun Island has been evaluated by the World Wildlife Fund as the area with the most marine biodiversity in Vietnam.

Coming to Hon Mun Island means coming to many interesting services on the sea such as: Floating bar on the sea, scuba diving to see coral or exploring Hon Mun by glass bottom boat.  

Diep Son Island

Diep Son Island is an island located in Van Phong Bay, including 3 small islands: Hon Bip, Hon Giua and Hon Duoc. This place is famous for its diverse marine ecosystem and is the only place in Vietnam with an extremely unique walking path in the middle of the sea. 

The most ideal time for you to set foot in this Nha Trang tourist destination is from June to December. At this time, the weather is dry and the sea is calm. Coming to Diep Son Island, you will be able to check-in on the 1km long white sand road in the middle of the sea, enjoy immersing yourself in the cool water, experience kayaking and explore the daily life of the people on the island. 

Monkey Island

Hon Lao Monkey Island tourist area is a small island located in Nha Trang Bay, quite far from the city center. This is also one of the tourist destinations in Nha Trang that attracts tourists. Monkey Island is a place to nurture and care for monkeys for the purpose of conservation and serving the learning and sightseeing needs of tourists. 

When you come here, you will freely learn about and have fun with the mischievous and adorable monkeys, enjoy unique monkey performances and participate in exciting games.

Tourist destination on Tran Phu street - Nha Trang city center

Nha Trang city center is considered a busy, bustling place with many top entertainment services, associated with Tran Phu street - the road that never sleeps in Nha Trang. 

Tran Phu Street runs along the Nha Trang coast for more than 12km, and is a vital traffic route here. On one side of the road is a beach with beautiful stretches of white sand, on the other side there are many hotels, eateries, restaurants... Let's explore what Tran Phu Nha Trang street has to offer!

Tran Phu Beach

If it's your first time, visit Tran Phu beach right away. Visitors will certainly be surprised by the extremely poetic scenery here. Towering rows of green coconut trees lie along the long stretch of white sand beach, next to the blue coastline creating a natural masterpiece. 

Coming to Tran Phu beach, in addition to immersing yourself in the blue water and checking in on the fine sand beaches, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in many outdoor activities such as surfing, boating, scuba diving... 

tower incense

Located at Nha Trang 2/4 square, Tram Huong tower is considered a symbolic building of the city. With a unique design inspired by the image of Vietnamese lotus flowers, this Nha Trang tourist destination attracts many tourists to take virtual photos. This tower consists of 6 floors with harmonious space, beautiful and sophisticated architecture, imprinted with the impression of the sea, bringing visitors new and extremely interesting experiences. 

Coming here, you can not only admire the unique architecture in the heart of the coastal city but also enjoy virtual life with "heart-stoppingly beautiful" shooting angles and panoramic views of the beautiful Nha Trang bay from above. .

Nha Trang night market

Nha Trang Night Market is also a Nha Trang tourist destination that tourists should not miss. The bustling, bustling atmosphere and countless attractive dishes are what create the attraction of this place. You can freely explore Nha Trang cuisine with many specialty dishes such as: Nha Trang rolled ice cream, grilled fish, lobster, snails...

Not only food, Nha Trang night market also sells many other items such as souvenirs, clothes, specialties... to serve a variety of tourists' needs. Come and experience this Nha Trang tourist destination at night now!

Stone church

Nha Trang Stone Church is not only a normal sightseeing spot, but it is also a historical witness witnessing the changes of Nha Trang city over the years. 

Located at No. 1 Thai Nguyen, Phuoc Tan Ward, Nha Trang City, Nha Trang Stone (Mountain) Church Designed in a bold Gothic architectural style, with the appearance of majestic and attractive citadels of ancient Rome. The overall architecture of Nha Trang Stone Church is firmly designed with stereoscopic stone blocks tinged with time, ancient and magnificent. The uniqueness and impressiveness of this project will definitely make you irresistible and have to pick up your camera and take some super cool photos. 

Nha Trang Oceanography Institute

The Institute of Oceanography is a place to research marine plant and animal life in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province. This is one of the earliest scientific research facilities established in Vietnam and is considered the largest marine research and artifact storage facility in Southeast Asia to date.

When visiting Aquarium Institute, Tourists not only have the opportunity to see a miniature ocean world with colorful creatures and strange shapes, explore archived specimens, learn about Hoang Sa's marine resources, but also Experience sightseeing at sea, diving to see colorful fish swimming in clear blue water.

Nha Trang Station - Favorite place to check in Nha Trang for young people

Nha Trang Station is a famous Nha Trang check-in location in this beautiful coastal city. Built in 1936 during the French colonial period, the architecture here carries with it the nostalgia and antiquity of Europe. As an ancient architecture enthusiast, you definitely should not miss this place. With the main color tones of reddish brown and cream, Nha Trang station is considered an ideal background - a place to create "beautiful and forgetful" virtual live photos.

Chong rock

Stone beach complex Hon Chong consisting of many large stones lying on top of each other, is one of the interesting tourist destinations in Nha Trang, associated with many thrilling legends. The most impressive is a large rock block located on the highest cliff of Hon Chong with a giant hand imprinted deep in the rock, including the entire palm and 5 very special fingers.

Coming here, you can not only admire the rocky beach with its unique shapes, but you can also sit on the cliff and cast a line or walk on the sand, immersing yourself in this poetic space.

Ponagar tower

Ponagar Tower Nha Trang is the largest Champa architectural complex in Vietnam today. This place is divided into 3 areas: Mandapa, temple area and inscriptions. These are extremely precious remnants of the oldest religion in the world. 

When visiting this place, visitors can not only admire the typical architectural imprints of the ancient Cham kingdom, learn more about historical knowledge, but also experience a different cultural space and record it for them. I have ideal check-in photos. 

Not only famous for its natural beauty, Nha Trang is also famous for its cafes, restaurants, and bars with excellent sea views and sparkling beautiful spaces. Coming here you can enjoy, chat with friends and see the natural beauty of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang tourist destinations are always attractive, attracting tourists because of their natural and wild beauty. Hopefully with the above suggestions, your journey to discover the sea paradise will be complete with wonderful experiences! You can also find more Nha Trang tourist destinations above 24h travel site

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