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When talking about Nha Trang, almost everyone remembers the beautiful long beaches and is the second most beautiful coastal city in Vietnam. Among them, Bai Tranh is one of the most famous beaches in Nha Trang. Here, you can not only swim but also experience the most outstanding entertainment and fun activities here.

Bai Tranh Nha Trang Attracts tourists by its special and unique terrain and natural landscape. This place also has many attractive and interesting beach games that cannot be missed. Immediately save the necessary information when traveling to Bai Tranh below and get ready for a trip full of new experiences!

Some details about Bai Tranh Nha Trang

Bai Tranh Nha Trang is a beach on Hon Mieu, Nha Trang Bay, with a total length of 500m. Bai Tranh is located in Phuoc Hai commune, Ninh Hoa district and is located only about 5km south of Nha Trang center, so it is very convenient for tourists to visit during the day.

Bai Tranh tourist area is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang Bay. As an attractively beautiful beach, and always has a unique look compared to other beaches, Bai Tranh makes us even more curious to explore and experience.

The beach stands out with its clear blue water. With fine white sand, Tranh Beach is an ideal place for tourists to immerse themselves in the blue sea. You can walk on the sand, sunbathe or relax in the shade of coastal trees.

This place has a very special landscape, which is divided into two banks, one side is white sand, the other side is all gravel, surrounded by trees and majestic mountains. This difference has brought natural, wild, and romantic beauty to Tranh Beach and turned it into a Nha Trang tourist destination with a strong attraction for tourists from all over.

Bai Tranh Nha Trang (Source: Collected)

Coming to Bai Tranh Nha Trang, you will feel comfortable with the staff, most of whom come from Tri Nguyen islanders, with a dedicated and thoughtful service spirit that helps you get closer to the workers in the city. beach and from there you can freely enjoy many exciting games on the beach.

Coming here, you can participate in recreational activities at sea - indispensable games when visiting Bai Tranh such as watching coral by glass-bottom boat, scuba diving to see coral, jet skiing...

Experience visiting Bai Tranh Nha Trang

GiTickets to visit Bai Tranh Nha Trang

The current ticket price to visit Bai Tranh Nha Trang is 50,000 VND for adults and 30,000 VND for children. For children under 1m tall, admission is free.

However, at Bai Tranh tourist area, there are many interesting water activities such as parasailing, flyboard, banana boat... Therefore, in addition to sightseeing and resting on the beach, you can participate in other activities. Sports activities and other entertainment services. Ticket prices for these activities are arranged for each individual ticket, ranging from 500,000 VND to 1,000,000 VND/person.

The right time to go to Bai Tranh

Shielded by large and small islands, Bai Tranh Nha Trang is always gentle and peaceful. Bai Tranh is a shallow beach, the seabed here gradually slopes away from the shore, not steep like other beaches. Therefore, this beach is very safe for children and adults.

Bai Tranh Nha Trang is a beach on Hon Mieu, Nha Trang Bay (Source: Collected)

You should travel to Bai Tranh from January to August, because the weather this season is the most beautiful, the weather is mild, cool and dry, suitable for your vacation trips. You should not go from September to December, because the weather is the rainy season, which will hinder you when visiting Bai Tranh.

How to move from Nha Trang to Bai Tranh

From Nha Trang city, to get to Bai Tranh, you should drive there Vinh Truong port, 500m from Cau Da port. Then rent a boat or canoe to go to the island.

Another way to visit Bai Tranh, which is currently popular with many tourists, is to register for schedules island tour like Nha Trang 4 island tour or 3 island tour. In addition, visitors can register for a tour upon request to be able to visit Bai Tranh to the fullest.

What is attractive about Bai Tranh Nha Trang?

Beautiful beach

Coming to Bai Tranh Nha Trang, you cannot miss relaxing activities, walking along the white sand or pebble beach and listening to the sound of the waves crashing like a love song of the sea.

Take a walk by the beach at Bai Tranh Nha Trang 

If you have the chance, don't miss the sunrise and sunset at Bai Tranh! You will experience feelings of relaxation that are not always possible.

At dawn, you will see fishing boats in the distance. At sunset, the boats returned safely. The perfect combination of sunlight rays, colors of the sun and images of fishing boats will create a beautiful picture that only when seen with your own eyes can you clearly feel that perfect beauty. If you like, you can bring a camera and create some "poses" here.

1,001 check-in corners 

Bai Soi is famous in Nha Trang

The reason for the name Bai Soi is because there is no sand here but only gravel. Bai Soi is also an interesting place that should not be missed when visiting Bai Tranh Nha Trang. Here, visitors can participate in scuba diving activities on nearby rocks to see colorful shimmering coral reefs under the clear water of the sea.

Game on the beach

Some exciting and interesting games that receive many compliments in Bai Tranh Nha Trang reviews are water motorbikes, parachutes, scuba diving and banana floats.

Water motorbike

This will be a game for those who like thrilling games, like to conquer and discover new things. You will feel excited when surfing on the vast ocean waves.

Before participating in the game, you will be instructed on how to operate the steering wheel and control buttons. And most importantly, how to handle when the motorcycle overturns. If you don't have experience, it's a bit difficult. Therefore, when participating in the game, ensure your safety by following the staff's instructions and wearing a life jacket.

Whether flying

Experience parachute flying when coming to Bai Tranh (Source: Collected)

Another thrilling game for those who love adventure is parachute flying. This game is also an interesting experience to try when coming to Nha Trang's beaches.

This game is very attractive but quite simple. You just need to wear a seat belt and follow the instructor's instructions. Hold the rope tightly and take a deep breath as you start running.

Next, the canoe will run and use the force of the wind to inflate and open the parachute. At this point, you are flying freely in the sky. Looking down from above, you will see the entire natural scenery, see a beautiful sea and island from above - a completely different perspective, more impressive, larger and more comprehensive. Blue sea, white sand, everything becomes interesting in your eyes.

Banana float

If you go in a group and want an adventurous challenge for the whole team, you can experience the banana float. This is also a thrilling game on Nha Trang beaches that attracts quite a few tourists to participate.

This is a sports game with extremely strong feelings at Bai Tranh Nha Trang

The banana float is equipped with 5 seats. You just need to wear a life jacket and then sit on the banana float boat tied to the canoe with a sturdy cable. The canoe will pull the boat at high speed. You will have to hold it firmly if you don't want to fall into the water. In the cheers of your close friends, you will feel extremely excited and have the most wonderful moments of relaxation. If you travel to Bai Tranh with a group of friends, don't miss this game!


For those who love to explore the vast ocean floor, scuba diving to see coral when traveling to Bai Tranh Nha Trang is an experience that cannot be more wonderful. You will witness firsthand the fish jumping around the colorful coral reefs. When participating in this activity, you should also follow a professional diving guide. And you should carefully check the accompanying equipment before diving.

Scuba diving to see coral at Bai Tranh Nha Trang

Scuba diving to explore the ocean is one of the most popular experiences at Bai Tranh. This activity is suitable for all types of visitors and there are always lifeguards nearby so you can rest assured.

What do customers say about Bai Tranh?

Surely not many people are strangers to the Facebook and Instagram accounts of travel enthusiasts with many beautiful and magical photos. However, along with those magical photos, articles sharing "travel experiences" or "reviews of places" as well as little tips for trips are still of interest and spread to young people. hand in hand dizzily. 

Next, let's see how visitors will feel after arriving at Bai Tranh Nha Trang

A tourist destination can be reviewed by many people with different ways and experiences. However, reviews are usually for reference only, because most of the experiences and shares are personal feelings!

Note when going to Bai Tranh Nha Trang

Prepare a hat and sunscreen when coming to Tranh Beach

– When traveling to Bai Tranh Nha Trang, you should bring a swimsuit and a swimsuit to cover your face when swimming. In addition, it is very sunny here so you must bring sunscreen and a hat with a wide brim to shade and protect your skin.

– One indispensable thing when traveling is to remember to bring a camera or phone to take photos, because the scenery here is very beautiful. You can capture your best moments while traveling.

– Comply with the regulations of the tourist area.

– When you participate in any game, whether on shore or in the water, you will have a guide, insurance and life jacket. You absolutely follow the instructions and rules of the game to ensure your safety.

Bai Tranh not only attracts tourists by its beautiful natural landscape but also by its diversity of recreational activities. Visitors can participate in activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving or swimming to explore the underwater beauty. Some beach areas also have rich coral ecosystems, attracting nature lovers and scuba divers.

Bai Tranh Nha Trang is an attractive and interesting tourist destination, you should come here to experience it once. Through the above sharing will help you have the best trip for yourself, don't miss this wonderful tourist destination. We invite you to watch the tour to Bai Tranh:

Ticket price for Bai Tranh Nha Trang

Published ticket prices:
Adults: 70,000 VND
Children: 50,000 VND

How to go to Bai Tranh Nha Trang

– Từ thành phố -> Bến tàu du lịch Nha Trang
– Từ bến tàu du lịch Nha Trang -> Bãi Tranh ( thuê cano riêng hoặc đi theo tour)

What does Bai Tranh have?

– Beach (sand beach & gravel beach)
– Cool umbrella, lounge chair (free)
– Fresh water bath (10,000 VND)
– Parachute, water motorbike (from 650,000 VND/person)

Can I bring food into Bai Tranh?

Have. You may need to pay an additional fee for this

Does Bai Tranh rent swimsuits and towels?

Are not. Bai Tranh only sells swimsuits & towels, not rentals.

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