Nha Trang travel guide Series - Part 1

Nha Trang tourist map - Part 1: North

Welcome to the first part of the article "Nha Trang Travel Map", where we will explore the attractive destinations in the North of this beautiful coastal city in part 1. North of Nha Trang is not only famous for its majestic natural beauty but also a place that preserves many heroic histories and unique cultures. Let's get started!

Vung Ro

Nestled at the foot of Da Bia Mountain, Vung Ro is not only a peaceful beach with majestic landscapes but also a vivid page of Vietnam's history. This beach was once the destination of ships transporting weapons for the Ho Chi Minh campaign during the resistance war against the US, turning it into an important historical site. When visiting Vung Ro, visitors not only have the opportunity to sunbathe on the smooth white sand, admire the clear blue sea water, but also have the opportunity to understand more about the nation's heroic history.

A destination not to be missed when visiting Vung Ro is Mui Dien Lighthouse - the highest lighthouse in Vietnam. Built in the 19th century during the French colonial period, this lighthouse still stands tall, guarding fishing boats and passing ships. From the top of Mui Dien Lighthouse, visitors can see the vast panorama of the East Sea, a rare majestic and magnificent scene. This not only brings an exciting experience for adventure travel enthusiasts but also an opportunity to take great photos.

  • Address: Phu Yen, about 80 km from Nha Trang.
  • Cost: Free to visit.
  • Features: Peaceful beach with breathtaking views, history to the Vietnam War.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for those who love history and exploring nature.

Diep Son

Located peacefully in the cool blue sea of Van Ninh, Diep Son Island is a true gem for those who want to explore the miracle of nature. But what makes Diep Son stand out is not only its peaceful beauty, but also the "super product" of creation - the famous double road, nestled between two clear sea waters.

This natural "Catwalk", only about 6 km from the shore, is the most attractive tourist destination in Diep Son. Imagine you are walking on a narrow path, with blue sea on both sides and gentle sea breeze blowing. It will definitely be an unforgettable experience! The walkway in the middle of the sea is not only an opportunity to show off your "virtual living" ability but also a living demonstration of the magic of nature.

But Diep Son is not just a double road. This beautiful island also has secluded beaches, ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, or even a beachside picnic. Don't forget to enjoy fresh seafood, a specialty of the fishermen here, to make your trip more complete.

  • Address: Khanh Hoa, about 80 km from Nha Trang.
  • Cost: About 300,000 VND for the tour.
  • Feature: Unique walking path in the middle of the sea.
  • Recommendation: Bring suitable footwear for walking and a camera.

Ba Ho tourist area

Ba Ho tourist area, a national historical site, is located about 25 km north of Nha Trang city center. Not only famous for its wild and majestic natural beauty, Ba Ho is also an important part of Vietnam's history, once a revolutionary base during the war.

The unique feature of Ba Ho is not only the clear lakes but also the streams and waterfalls where visitors can cool off and relax. For adventure lovers, trekking through the forest and climbing mountains to explore the lakes is an experience not to be missed. Ba Ho's history is a testimony to the wartime period, when the area was once a revolutionary base. Today, visitors can learn about these meaningful historical stories through information signs and tour guides.

When visiting Ba Ho, visitors should prepare enough drinking water, snacks and appropriate clothing for outdoor activities. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture wonderful moments here. Ba Ho is not only a destination for those who love nature and adventure but also for those seeking a deep understanding of Vietnam's history and culture.

  • Address: Ninh Hoa, 25 km from Nha Trang center.
  • Cost: About 150,000 VND/person.
  • Specialties: Nature, forests and mountains
  • Recommendation: Suitable for those who love nature and photography, learning history, and picnicking.

Orchid Island

In the heart of Nha Phu Bay, lies a precious gem called Orchid Island, where pristine nature and fresh air blend to create a beautiful picture. Coming to Orchid Island, visitors will not only admire the idyllic beauty of white sand beaches and clear blue sea water, but also have the opportunity to explore a colorful and charming world of orchids.

When you step foot on the island, you will immediately feel the fresh, cool air, like a new breeze blowing into your soul. Orchid Island is not only an ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, but also a paradise for those who love nature and orchids. The orchid garden here is a unique combination of hundreds of unique types of orchids, each with its own beauty and fragrance, creating a space filled with color and seductive fragrance.

Not only stopping there, Orchid Island also offers many other interesting experiences such as walking around the island, exploring the lives of local people, or participating in recreational activities such as fishing and kayaking. . Don't forget to try local dishes, especially fresh seafood, prepared in the typical style of this sea.

  • Address: Nha Trang.
  • Cost: About 100,000 VND/person.
  • Unique: Diverse orchid garden with many unique flowers.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for nature and photography lovers.

Monkey Island

Only 2.5 km from Long Phu port, Monkey Island is the ideal destination for a short adventure in Nha Trang. This is not only a beautiful island with white sand beaches and clear blue sea water, but also the home of adorable and mischievous monkeys - the "descendants of Sun Wukong" in the imagination of people. many tourists.

When you arrive at Monkey Island, you will immediately be fascinated by the dynamism and mischief of the diverse group of monkeys. They do not hesitate to approach visitors, creating fun and memorable moments. However, remember to stay safe and don't feed your monkey unsuitable food.

In addition to observing and playing with monkeys, Monkey Island also offers the opportunity to engage in many other recreational activities such as fishing, kayaking, or even enjoying a BBQ on the beach. Monkey Island is not only an interesting destination for families with young children, but also an ideal choice for those who want to experience a fun day and be close to nature.

A trip to Monkey Island will definitely bring you unforgettable experiences, where you can both relax and have fun in an exciting natural environment.

  • Address: Nha Phu Bay, about 18 km from Nha Trang center.
  • Cost: About 250,000 VND/person.
  • Feature: Play area with animals, especially monkeys.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for families with young children.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

If you want to "treat yourself" with a luxurious vacation, this is the place for you. Imagine yourself relaxing by the infinity pool, sipping a cocktail and watching the vast blue sea. Six Senses is a place dedicated to high-end customer segments such as artists, actors, businessmen, football players, and music stars. Most recently, Chalie Puth showed off his Check-in photo here.

  • Address: Ninh Van Bay, about 20 km from Nha Trang.
  • Cost: From 10 million VND/night.
  • Feature: Luxury resort with private beach and classy service.
  • Recommendation: Ideal for couples and travelers looking for tranquility without worrying about price.

Pig cave

Not only attracting couples, Hang Heo is also a favorite destination for the backpacking community. The majestic rocks and unique shaping angles of nature here bring a sense of adventure and discovery, attracting those who love adventure and discovery.

Hang Heo, with its majestic rocks and captivating natural landscape, has become a must-see destination for brides and grooms looking for a romantic and unique wedding photography backdrop. The wild beauty and mysterious charm of Hang Heo create the ideal setting for emotional and artistic wedding photos.

  • Address: Luong Son Pass
  • Cost: Free
  • Feature: Natural cave with beautiful landscape.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for those who like to explore and adventure.

That Theater

That Theater in Nha Trang is not only an architectural masterpiece but also a cultural and artistic center that is attracting great attention. With a unique, modern and sophisticated design, this theater has become the venue for many important events, attracting the attention of the whole country.

In addition, the Theater is also an extremely beautiful and popular check-in point. The unique architecture of the theater, along with ideal lighting and artistic space, creates wonderful photos, attracting tourists and art lovers to visit and capture memorable moments. .

  • Address: Nha Trang Center.
  • Cost: About 500,000 VND/person.
  • Feature: Center for traditional cultural and artistic performances.
  • Recommendation: Ideal for those who want to learn about local culture and traditional arts.


Located right next to the Opera House, Amiana Resort has quickly become one of Nha Trang's tourist highlights, especially popular with tourists from Korea. Korean guests are famous for being friendly people but also very strict about quality, and their love for Amiana Resort is clear evidence of the highest satisfaction with the service and experience here.

Amiana Resort makes a strong impression on customers thanks to the delicate combination of natural beauty and luxury and modernity in design. This resort provides a peaceful space, ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. With a private beach, an infinity pool overlooking the blue sea, and high-end spa services, Amiana Resort offers visitors a classy resort experience.

  • Address: About 6 km from Nha Trang center.
  • Cost: From 3 million VND/night.
  • Feature: High-class resort with private beach and luxurious spa.
  • Recommendation: Suitable for a relaxing and re-energizing vacation.

Co Tien Mountain

Co Tien Mountain, a prominent symbol in the sky of Nha Trang, is not only a great destination for those who love to explore nature but also an attractive challenge for those who are passionate about adventure travel and tourism. climbing experience. Standing on the top of Co Tien Mountain, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Nha Trang city, from white sand beaches to majestic mountains.

The climbing experience at Co Tien Mountain is not only an exciting adventure but also an opportunity to challenge yourself and admire natural beauty from a unique perspective. However, the most important thing when participating in this activity is to pay attention to safety and health. Visitors should prepare all necessary equipment, including sturdy climbing shoes, drinking water, and food. You should inform acquaintances or tourism authorities about your itinerary and, if possible, go with an experienced guide or group.

  • Address: Vinh Hoa, Nha Trang.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Unique: Twin mountains have a unique shape, often compared to the image of a "fairy".
  • Recommendation: Bring a camera to record the beautiful scenery.

Above are the 10 most famous tourist destinations in Northern Nha Trang. In the next part, we will explore the best places to see in the coastal city center What's there to do in Nha Trang? during your vacation. Additionally, you can also find out in advance delicious Nha Trang dishes to enjoy during the trip

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