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Nha Trang island tour within one day

Very briefly and completely, here are the options for the Nha island tour Your page 1 of the day.

  1. Diep Son – Doc Let (750,000)
  2. Monkey Island – Orchid Stream (650,000)
  3. Vinpearl (Vinwonders Nha Trang) (800,000)
  4. Hon Tam (From 450-1,320,000 VND)
  5. Nha Trang island tour (from 490,000 to 750,000 VND)
  6. Sheep Field – Suoi Tien (from 650,000 VND)
Scuba diving to see Hon Mun coral
Tourists enjoy Hon Mun coral

Let's start with No.1). After Yen Hon Noi Island stopped serving, Diep Son is almost the only double beach left in Vietnam. Diep Son belongs to Van Ninh, about 55 km north of Nha Trang, located in Van Phong bay. It's about 110 km to go all the way back, which is a bit far. But in return, going on Highway 1A is quite fast and not tiring. From the mainland at the Port to the island about 10 minutes by speedboat, the voltage is quite stable.

After you book the tour, the car will pick you up from the city center, and get on the bus. You will leave at about 8:30 am and arrive at your destination at 4:30 pm.

Number (2) is to go to Nha Phu Bay, this tour by Long Phu Tourist. Located about more than 10 kilometers from Nha Trang, very close. From the mainland, it is about 3 kilometers away, going to 2 points: Monkey Island & Orchid Island.

Number (3) is so famous, it probably doesn't need any more advertising. The campus is large, there are so many games and activities suitable for everyone, if you can't play one, there will be another. However, the cable car is not running yet. You will still go back and forth to both ends of the port by speedboat, travel time is about 10 minutes/turn. Ticket price is still 800,000.

Number (4) is the tour that we have been selling for the past 5 years, priced from 450,000 to the highest of 1,300,000 VND. I have a lot of content dedicated to Hon Tam, typically articles Travel to Hon Tam Tu Tuc.

Number (5) has a similarity with number (4) in that they both go to Hon Tam. However, there is still a difference, with the Nha Trang island tour, you also go to Tranh Beach and Fishing Village (both in the Hon Mieu area). Nha Trang island tour price ranges from 490,000 to 700,000 VND. You can visit 3 points, use basic services according to packages, and for games such as parachuting, scuba diving, and water motorbikes, you pay separately. I also have a very detailed article about it Nha Trang island tour , if you have free time, read it to know. If you're hesitant to read it, please contact me via Zalo or phone.

Number (6) is the tour to Binh Hung, Suoi Tien Sheep Field, Grape Garden, Bai Kinh: all in 1. In my opinion, this tour is suitable for those who have a traveling soul and are not afraid to go far; The total distance there is 200 kilometers. I also have a few Review of Binh Hung tour

Above are the tours that you can choose for your 1-day Nha Trang island tour, all of which can be booked and departed quite easily from many companies on the market, You can also book directly through Vu, receive free 1-1 support. In addition, I can also help you book hotel rooms and guide tour groups to visit Nha Trang in all 3 languages: Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

You can also review the article Half day Nha Trang island tour If only I had less time!

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