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Welcome to Vu's article about Nha Trang island tour. Below is all the most necessary and concise information for your Nha Trang island tour. The article is taken from my inspiration and practical experience as a tour guide directly leading the group.

First of all, let's take a look at a few names that you may have heard of: Nha Trang 3 island tour, Nha Trang island tour, VIP island tour, scuba diving tour.... All in all, there are many names but mainly includes destinations as below.

Look at the satellite image below to make it easier for you to imagine.

Nha Trang island tour locations

No.1Nha Trang tourist wharf.

The pier is where you will go to board the ship, boat, or canoe to go on tour. Actually, in the past, it sailed from Cau Da port, but later, Khanh Hoa province built a new wharf at 388 Vo Thi Sau, Vinh Truong; This is Nha Trang Tourist Pier now. The new pier has a very large parking lot for all types of vehicles, from bicycles to 45-seat cars, without worrying about lack of parking space like before.

No. 2Hon Mieu Island.

It's an Ego sign (~), not a Temple. Hon Mieu is closest to the shore compared to the islands

Hon Mieu Nha Trang

From Nha Trang Tourist Pier to Hon Mieu about 5 minutes, the distance is about more than 4 km. Around Hon Mieu island, there are the following points:

  1. Tranh beach
  2. Mini Beach (also known by a very Western-sounding name, Mini Beach)
  3. Hon Soi (or Soi Island)
  4. Coral Bay 2
  5. Fishing village

No. 3. Hon Tam Island

Hon Tam Island is located opposite Hon Mieu. about 2 kilometers apart. In fact, on Hon Tam island there is a different tourist area of 2 different companies: Hon Tam Nha Trang Beach and Sannest Tourist (Yen Island - Dong Tam). Because Hon Tam Nha Trang Beach was born first, bigger and more famous, when mentioning Hon Tam, it is automatically understood as referring to Hon Tam Nha Trang Beach.

Hon Tam Nha Trang

No. 4. Hon Mun

The furthest place among the island tour destinations, about 10 kilometers straight from Nha Trang tourist wharf. Hon Mun was originally a conservation area. Since the mass coral death event at Hon Mun, scuba diving activities have been limited quite a bit, but daily sightseeing still takes place normally. Now coming to Hon Mun is still for swimming, rowing basket boats, glass bottom boats, and snorkeling.

How to tour Nha Trang island?

Just like you go from the city (HCMC) to Nha Trang: go by personal vehicle (rented, owned vehicle) or go on a tour. Going on a tour to Nha Trang island is exactly the same. You can rent your own canoe, meaning you organize your own trip; Or you go on a tour through a third party (for example, Vu's company). Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Self-sufficient Be proactive about everything

Not used to organization
No support from tour guide
Difficulties arise
Higher cost
Follow the tour Save more
Have organizational experience
Better price
Depends on schedule
Less personalized
Compare going on a self-guided Nha Trang island tour and going on a tour.

There is no form that is best for everyone, whatever form you find suitable, choose that form. If you still feel unsatisfied, please discuss further with everyone by leaving a comment.

Nha Trang island tour schedule

Below is a popular island tour schedule, that is, applicable to the majority of visitors. You can absolutely use it right away for your self-rented canoe trip to the island.

08:00-09:00: Go to Nha Trang Tourist Pier

09:15-09:25: Depart for Bai Tranh (Stay here about 2 hours)

  • Swimming in this sea
  • Take pictures with this sup boat
  • Play this teambuilding game
  • Play with parachutes, banana floats, and jet skis

Please note that the entrance ticket is 70, some games charge separately (10 times the entrance ticket!), buying fresh water to bathe is 10,000 VND/bucket of water. It's quite crowded here because the entrance ticket is cheap. Usually the tour side (organizer) only pays the entrance ticket for you, you pay for other costs yourself.

Bai Tranh Nha Trang 01

11:15-11:30: Return to Fishing Village for lunch (Here about 1 hour 30 minutes)

In Hon Mieu, there is an aquaculture area located in the West, where there are hundreds of households doing this work. Among them, there are about 5-7 restaurants that provide catering services. That is, instead of making rafts, they built a floating restaurant here to serve tourists. See, the simple understanding of the word "Fishing village" here is like that. I don't think it's very poetic, it's just a restaurant, but it's just floating around. Many times I feel dizzy all over my face.

If you go on a tour, they have already booked meal sets. Normally, the meal set price will be from 150,000-400,000 VND/person. However, there are also tours where they order a much cheaper meal set (Of course the quality will be lower);

13:30-15:30 Visit Hon Tam

Leaving the Fishing Village, you go to Hon Tam to visit and experience. At Hon Tam, there are many different types of tickets. For the 3-island tour, when you come here, you can: mud bath, swimming pool; DO NOT swim in the sea. I also wrote an article about it Hon Tam ticket , you can read if you want to only visit Hon Tam (not a 3-island tour).

Back to this tour package, on Hon Tam there is a pretty Locker area that will give you towels, fresh water baths and free luggage storage (free and need deposit when borrowing items: 200-500k). After you deposit your belongings, the tour guide will take you to the mud bath.

  • Take a shower
  • Soak in hot mineral mud
  • Bathing with hot and cold water jet massages (they call it Wenquan hydrotherapy)
  • Swimming pool
  • Soak in the Jacuzzi jacuzzi

In addition, if you want a full body massage, there are additional services at Hon Tam priced from 150k/30 minutes.

Let's show you a series of beautiful photos of guests at Hon Tam.

Yes, it always looks sparkling in pictures. However, in reality, there are things that travel people often don't want to tell you; Here are a few of them:

1- You may have to wait a long time: Waiting to get on the train, waiting to enter the gate, waiting to skydive, waiting to deposit items. In short, you may have to spend a lot of time during busy peak times or busy hours. This can't be helped, you need to be patient.

2- Eating and drinking are not very good. This is a reality that surprises many guests. Many people even feel bad. Personally, I rate the dining at a pretty average level for all 3-island tours and even the tour with buffet at Hon Tam. Last time, there were a few groups of 5-7 guests, both Western and Western. We complimented our tour on how delicious the food in the Fishing Village was. I didn't know if it was a real compliment or a joke, but I was still happy (^-^)

3- You can get drunk when taking a mud bath: yes that's right, you get drunk when bathing. I have encountered many cases like that, soaking in hot mud for about 10-15 minutes, the customer feels dizzy, nauseous, dizzy, and has to sit down to rest. Of course, after about 20-30 minutes it's gone. However, bathing and feeling nauseous somehow makes guests feel unhappy. Although there are only a few % people who have this type of sickness, it is still something worth noting. In my opinion, you should not soak in water that is too hot, and do not eat too much before going to Hon Tam.

How much is the ticket price for the 3-island tour of Nha Trang?

Nha Trang island tour is like Hanoi Pho, the quality and price depend on the supplier, not like the iPhone 14 that Thegioididong sells at the same price across the country.

We are selling a 3-island tour priced at 730,000 VND/adult & 600,000 VND/child. You will get:

  • 1-1 support before the trip
  • Answer questions and concerns
  • Free consultation about tours
  • Free tour guide (Vietnamese/English/Chinese/Korean) for groups of 15 guests or more
  • Plan your own private vacation.

See you on your upcoming trip!

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