Check-in to Hon Tam wooden bridge

Nha Trang island tours in one half day

Half-day Nha Trang island tour is the choice of many customers and maybe some of you. With a half-day tour, you can visit the sea and islands while saving time, especially in the morning, which is usually the time to check-out of the hotel (resort). In the afternoon, go to the airport early for the afternoon flight or leisurely wait for the evening flight. Then this article will be for you.

Where to go on a half-day Nha Trang island tour?

Hon Tam Island Tour

Ms. Linh (HCMC) said that because of limited time, with half a day, her family wakes up at 7 am. After you're ready for the free breakfast at the hotel, you've finished packing for your morning trip to the island. “After I finished breakfast at the hotel at 8:00 a.m., my whole family of 4 booked tickets to Hon Tam in the morning. I chose the sightseeing & mud bath package, did not have lunch there because I had already booked a restaurant in the city center," Ms. Linh said. The half-day trip seems to make everyone feel excited because it's not like group tours that have to wait until 3-4pm to return. Sometimes it feels like it's taking too much time.

The tour that customers like Ms. Linh's family choose is Hon Tam's half-day tour package for customers who do not have too much time but still want a quality and convenient experience. Hon Tam tourist area has its own pier with convenient train times throughout the day, which will help customers feel secure and convenient when traveling. Go at any convenient time, not forced to follow the group tour time like many others.

Check-in to Hon Tam wooden bridge

After a few hours on the island soaking in hot mineral mud, everyone went to the swimming pool and waterfall to swim and freely pose. That makes Ms. Linh's family as well as many customers feel excited. As planned, at 12:00 everyone arranged to go to the wooden bridge to catch the train at 12:20 to the mainland. "I found the trip, even though it only had one destination, Hon Tam Island, but it was very meaningful and convenient, everyone in my family felt satisfied" - Ms. Linh said.

Half-day Nha Trang island tour: 3 islands tour.

Unlike Ms. Linh's family, Mr. Tuan's family (in Gia Lai) chose to go to 3 islands of Nha Trang. This is also a service chosen as well as provided/sold by many organizations in Nha Trang, but sometimes it is not easy for customers to choose because they are similar. “My whole family is full of adults, everyone is used to buying online, this time booking a tour is the same. When I searched online, I saw many sites and groups selling tours of the 3 islands of Nha Trang; I was really confused and I decided to choose Hon Tam touirst because I found the site simple and the information was intuitive and very clear."

Normally, on Nha Trang island tours, guests don't return until 3-4 p.m. But knowing that Mr. Tuan's family needed to go to the airport at 4:00 a.m., Khanh Hoa Travel's tour guide agreed with Mr. Tuan on a separate trip, still ensuring the destination as well as the schedule, but saving 4 hours. .

Mr. Tuan's family of 6 adults and 2 children chose to take a private canoe trip as part of their half-day tour of Nha Trang island. Although the cost is slightly higher than going on a group tour, Mr. Tuan said it was really worth it because the whole family had complete control over their schedule and time.

Because it was a private trip, after the whole family arrived at the pier, there was a canoe waiting for his family to depart for the furthest point on the itinerary, Coral Bay. After about 15 minutes, the whole family arrived at their destination. The whole family spent about 1 hour sightseeing and having fun in Coral Bay with paragliding. After that, the whole family moved to Hon Tam, a place visited by thousands of visitors every week. “I've heard about Hon Tam being "viral" a lot, but now I've only had the chance to visit in November. It's certainly not wrong. My whole family went to the most beautiful area, which is the hot mineral mud bath area," Mr. Tuan happily said.

Hon Tam mud bath mineral waterfall

With schedule Nha Trang 3 island tour Normally, customers will come Hon Tam mud bath is the final point, however, depending on the tour group, the tour guide will have reasonable advice and adjustments. The case of Mr. Tuan's family is one of them. Khanh Hoa Travel helped him adjust his schedule accordingly. This is also the reason why customers need a thoughtful travel plan or find a truly understanding consultant to be able to plan and organize the best trip for themselves.

After checking in to 1,001 beautiful photo corners and experiences Tam island It's time for the whole family to get hungry. While everyone was still visiting Hon Tam Nha Trang Fishing Village restaurant have prepared a decent lunch and are ready to serve. Lunch includes fish, squid, and oysters, all of which are Hon Mieu's specialties, very fresh and nutritious. That helps customers replenish energy and enjoy the salty taste of the sea.

Mr. Tuan said, he traveled many places and found that Nha Trang has quite cheap dining prices and many good options for customers, "This is again true for my trip, I ordered separate meals. For 700,000 VND/person, there is a fairly large lobster for each person, and about 5 more dishes, all of which are delicious and can be eaten with a bit of effort.

floating restaurant

Mr. Tuan's family finished lunch at the restaurant at 12:15, the earliest of the island tour groups but still full of experiences. This is a half-day Nha Trang island tour schedule for many other customers who do not have much time to refer to.

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