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Why is Nha Trang 3 island tour so popular? 

Khanh Hoa province is located on the South Central coast with extremely ideal natural conditions and climate. Weather in Nha Trang Not as sunny as Ninh Thuan, not as rainy as Phu Yen but very mild with an average yearly temperature of about 29 degrees. Khanh Hoa has 3 bays: Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang Bay and Cam Ranh Bay.

Nha Trang bay. Photo: st

Endowed by nature with ideal natural conditions to develop island tourism. Among the many large and small islands belonging to Nha Trang, there are many islands that still attract many domestic and international tourists every day. These include: Diep Son island, Orchid island, Monkey island, Hon Tre island, Tri Nguyen island (belonging to Mieu island), Hon Tam, Mot island, Mun island, Yen island.

Nha Trang 3 island tour has a long history of development

Since ancient times, when waterway transportation was not yet modern and fishermen still traveled by slow-speed wooden boats, many people who loved to explore followed fishing boats around Nha Trang islands to travel. Nha Trang is self-sufficient, living like a local to explore the life and beauty of the locality. 

Ancient Nha Trang was very rustic
The primitive beauty of ancient Nha Trang

Over time, determining that island tourism is a local strength, Khanh Hoa province developed this type of tourism and quickly included tours to Nha Trang islands in the main tourism development strategy and until Nowadays, every year there are millions of visitors taking tours to large and small islands throughout Khanh Hoa province, of which the most prominent is still the 3-island tour, which is also named Nha Trang 3-island tour. 

Nha Trang 3 island tour has many advantages

Nha Trang Premium 3 island tour
Nha Trang 3 island tour brings a wonderful experience

Suitable for many tourists

If in Phu Quoc pearl island there is a tour of 3 Phu Quoc islands, then in Nha Trang it is similar. Tours to Nha Trang islands are of great interest and choice because they are suitable for almost all customers, both the elderly and children. This is clearly shown at Nha Trang tourist wharf, where island tours depart. Here, it is easy to see many large and small groups of tourists of diverse ages waiting to board the boat to depart for the island.

Cost savings

With a truly affordable price, from only 600,000 VND for a day of fun on the island, including meals, the tour to Nha Trang island is suitable for the budget even of budget customers.

Flexible time

With trains running continuously from about 8 a.m. to 12 noon, tours to Nha Trang island are served by a large team of boat drivers, operators and guides from many other tour organizers. together. Normally, on group tours, customers will be picked up and picked up at their home or hotel in the city center between 08:00 and 09:00.

As for private tours, customers can choose the departure time frame. In addition, if customers do not have much time, they can go Half day Nha Trang island tour with private tour.

In fact, choosing to go to the islands for a 1-day Nha Trang tour is appropriate and correct.

Easy to customize and personalize (Private tour - Charter tour)

In order to bring a unique and very different experience, Khanh Hoa Travel offers unique options for customers who want to create something special in their trip. With personalized tours, island tour operators hope to bring private and classy services during customers' special holidays such as wedding anniversaries, family holidays, and staff vacations. , a private date or simply a special trip on a special day.

Classic Nha Trang 3-island tour

This is the schedule of the "classic" 3-island tour in Nha Trang. Before 2006, Nha Trang island tourism was still quite sketchy, the destinations were mainly limited to: Hon Mun, San Ho Bay, Fishing Village, Bai Tranh. The furthest point is Hon Mun (Hon Mun marine protected area), the last point is Bai Tranh. If a tour has all 4 destinations mentioned above, it is also called a 4-island tour of Nha Trang

Hon Tam 3 island tour (also known as VIP 3 island tour)

Since 2009, Hon Tam tourist area came into operation, the tour to 3 islands in Nha Trang has an additional destination option of Hon Tam Ecogreen (Later MerPerle Hon Tam Resort). Especially since 2019, when Hon Tam tourist area opened its complex Hon Tam mud bath Then add to the island tour an extremely high-quality service with the same name. To distinguish between the old Nha Trang island tour and the new tour, the name Hon Tam 3 Island Tour or VIP 3 Island Tour was born from then on.

Hon Tam Nha Trang tour just refers to the 1 island tour of Hon Tam or the 3 island tour of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour - personalized experience

If the combined island tours offer economical services while still providing full basic services, the 3-island Nha Trang Premium tour offers a personalized experience during your trip. With the 3-island Nha Trang Premium tour, customers choose their own departure time at the hotel and at the port. The departure canoe is also a private canoe trip that is not shared with other passengers. This not only brings the highest convenience but also ensures privacy for the customer's trip.

Not only that, the Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour is also cared for, advised and supported by a group of experienced tour guides who are also experience experts of Khanh Hoa Travel with full knowledge and skills. ability and thoughtfulness; Help customers have the most satisfactory trip. A private tour guide will accompany customers from the time of coming up with ideas, arranging plans and schedules for the whole trip; until the guest returns safely.

Khanh Hoa is also a place known for its culinary diversity. Coming here, in addition to enjoying the natural beauty, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy delicious Nha Trang dishes. Another difference of this personalized island tour is the additional and completely different options for your lunch.

Nha Trang fishing village restaurant
Lunch at Lang Chai restaurant

If with the group island tour, guests will dine with the basic Set Menu menu, then on the Premium tour, customers can enjoy 100% of live seafood and fresh vegetables on the island; All bring a delicious and memorable meal.

Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour menu
01 Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour menu

Visit the sea and islands & play discovery games

Going on a Nha Trang island tour, visitors can visit destinations such as Hon Mun, Coral Bay, Hon Tam with extremely beautiful beaches. Because it is located in Nha Trang Bay, the destinations have stable and very calm water levels. The beach is equipped with lounge chairs and cool umbrellas for visitors to relax. The beach is also a place organize teambuilding Suitable for groups of businesses or travel companies.

Gen Z freely expresses itself and confidently catches the trend

gen Z tour knife
Gen Z unleashes their creativity when going on tour

Gen Z is no longer worried about being confined within the framework of tours, but now, with the Tour to Nha Trang Island going viral and exploding in the digital age, Gen Z is more confident in creating content, Shine confidently in cyberspace. Young people of Gen Z freely participate in experiencing activities on the island, record videos to serve as "content" and attract millions of likes and followers.

Many good reviews about the 3 island tour.

For a long time, Khanh Hoa Travel has been one of the 3-island tour organizers in Nha Trang that has been trusted and satisfied by thousands of visitors. Customers continuously send feedback and reviews about their experiences in many different forms: texting, reviews on Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Facebook or other forums.

Most of them are positive reviews, noting the quality of service as well as the quality of amenities experienced at the destinations of the 3 Island Tour.

Review of Nha Trang 3 knife tour 1
Review of Nha Trang 3 knife tour 2
Review of Nha Trang 3 island tour

Some experiences on tour to Nha Trang island

Every good trip is the result of careful preparation, a careful and meticulous plan will help you and your whole family or company have a smooth trip. You can Bring necessary items to serve your trip. In addition, you should also pay attention Hon Tam train time If you go on a tour to Hon Tam island; way Move from hotel to wharf;

If there are elders or children in the group or family, this is also necessary Note a few small things to help grandparents or children have a memorable vacation. For group leaders, group representatives or guides in charge, it is important to remember Tips for school groups

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Some frequently asked questions about Nha Trang 3 island tour

Which island should I go to on the island tour?

This depends on your preferences. Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour will take you to islands in Nha Trang Bay: Hon Mun, Hon Mot, Coral Bay, Hon Mieu, Hon Tam.

What procedures do I need to follow to book a 3-island tour?

To book a 3-island tour, you need to provide some basic information:
– Customer list includes full name and year of birth
– Estimated departure date and time
– Tour package (joint or private tour)
– Pay in advance (from 30%) to confirm the tour and receive a tour guide.

Book a tour online: operate on the screen and follow the instructions
Book tour via email: contact@khanhhoatravel.com.vn
Book tour by phone: 0358860868

Which unit provides the Nha Trang 3 island tour?

This is a service provided by many tourism units in Khanh Hoa province, so the service and price are different even though the same name is 3 island tour (or island tour).

Do I need to book a 3-island Nha Trang tour in advance?

Just like moving or traveling elsewhere, booking a tour in advance will help you plan better and have a smooth trip.

Does the 3-island Nha Trang tour provide pick-up and drop-off?

Have. Nha Trang 3 island tour offers free pick-up and drop-off within the city center. However, you can travel to Nha Trang tourist wharf on your own to save more time and effort.


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