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Nha Trang island tour - Before departure time

Nha Trang Island Tour has now gone beyond the name of a tourism service, becoming the topic of most concern for the entire Khanh Hoa tourism industry. In this article, Khanh Hoa Travel will provide multi-dimensional information, objective feedback from the experiences of many tourists, and necessary preparations before you get on the canoe to go on tour.

1. Confused in the information forest

Surely many people clearly feel this when surfing the internet with familiar tools such as Google, Tiktok, Facebook to search for related information.

Nha Trang island tour - Google's suggestion

Search for “Nha Trang island tour” with Google. Screenshot dated September 19, 2023

Keyword Nha Trang island tour on Google: Advertisers compete. Look at the photo below to see a search result with the keyword Nha Trang island tour

Search results for Nha Trang island tour on Google

Search results "Nha Trang island tour" on Google. Screenshot dated September 19, 2023

With the first 5 results being content from advertisers, users have more information, which means more choices; But having too much information makes decision-making more difficult.

2. Nha Trang island tour: how to understand to avoid confusion?

Nha Trang in general and Khanh Hoa in particular have many islands, which can include popular names: Monkey Island, Orchid Island (Nha Phu Bay), Diep Son Island, Hon Rua Island, Hon Tre Island, Yen Island Hon Noi, Robinson Island, Love Island, Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Hon Tam, Hon Mun, Hon Mot. But When mentioning "Nha Trang island tour", it usually only refers to one/several tour itineraries to one or several destinations in the following islands: Hon Mun, Hon TYep, Hon Mieu.

Hon Mun : located in Hon Mun marine reserve, about 11 km from the tourist wharf.

Tam island: about 5 km from Nha Trang tourist wharf. Hon Tam has it

  • Hon Tam tourist area (Hon Tam Resort) – More popular
  • Yen Island - Dong Tam tourist area (Sanestourist)

Mun island: the closest point to the mainland is only 800 meters away including

  • Tri Nguyen island residential area
  • Hon Soi tourist area
  • Bai Tranh tourist area
  • San Ho Bay tourist area 2
  • Mini Beach tourist area (Mini Beach)
  • Floating restaurant, restaurant on the island
  • Snorkeling raft to see coral

All names used refer to the above locations: 2-island tour, 3-island tour, Nha Trang diving tour, Nha Trang island tour...

In fact today, the Nha Trang island tour 1 day Popular are:

2.1: 3 island tour often

In this tour, visit Bai Tranh - Fishing Village - Coral Bay 2. In fact, these are 3 attractions located in the Hon Mieu island area. Even though the name has the number "3", in reality it is only 1. Please look at the satellite image below for easy visualization.

Panoramic view of Hon Mieu island in Nha Trang. Google Earth screenshot on September 20, 2023. Graphics: Tuan Vu

The numbers (1), (2), (3) are the stops of the tour.

Number (1): Bai Tranh, number (2) San Ho Bay 2 and number (3): floating restaurants on the sea in the fishing village area. Thus, if we have to properly call the stops, this tour can be called a 3-island tour, not a 3-island tour.

2.2 Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour (also known as VIP 3-island tour).

With the same schedule as the regular 3-island tour, the Nha Trang Premium 3-island tour has the third destination, Hon Tam tourist area. In addition, the meals of the Premium 3-island tour are also different, more delicious and more diverse. Premium 3-island tour is a combination of Nha Trang 3-island tour and Hon Tam mud bath tour as below:

To make it easier for you to imagine, look at the table comparing the regular island tour and the Premium 3-island tour. The two tours have many similarities and similarities. However, the biggest difference lies in two factors: Lunch & the second experience point of the route. While the 3-island tour often takes guests to another beach, Coral Bay; Then the 3-island tour of Nha Trang VIP (Premium) takes you to Hon Tam. This is the most beautiful island spot among the islands in Nha Trang.

Compare 3 island tour & Premium 3 island tour

In your opinion, what is the right choice for a Vietnamese family weekend? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

3. Compliments and criticisms

With the explosion of social networks, viral videos create extremely vivid effects and help customers have a lot of information before making decisions. Within the framework of one article, it is impossible to cover all Nha Trang island tour reviews, but let's try to see what people are saying about the 3-island tour. In spite of touro Nha Trang is very attractive to tourists But there are also a lot of negative comments

3.1 Complaints and criticism blame.

First of all, I have to say that I have a very bad search experience on Tiktok, with the keyword "review Nha Trang island tour", Tiktok produces mostly results from 01 account (with many interactions). It took a lot of time for me to find more results from other accounts (- the more diverse, the more information).

Review of Nha Trang island tour 2
Review of Nha Trang island tour 3
Review of Nha Trang island tour 4

Above are a few of the thousands of reviews on two different platforms, Tiktok and Google. We can easily see that there are many complaints about service quality, prices, and bad experiences that customers have experienced. This information is public, it is easy to verify the existence of those reviews on the platforms just mentioned.

However, we still want to mention a few notable points so that access to review information is authentic.

  • Nha Trang Island Tour is the common name of many organizing units (Khanh Hoa Travel, Nha Trang Tour, LetsflyTravel, NhaTrangtoday, Annamtourist, Viettravel,... or many self-organized private units), so the service quality service is different. Just because a bad food review is given, doesn't mean that every tour has the same bad food.
  • User reviews are personal opinions, not evaluated or interfered with by a third party, so they may be right or wrong depending on the review itself.
  • Island tour is a service made up of many different entities: tour operators, transportation units, restaurants, attractions, agents, tour guides, and state management agencies. Therefore, with the name "Nha Trang Island Tour", the quality will vary depending on the provider.

3.2 Compliments for Nha Trang island tour

We leave this part to customers and readers to focus on more important and perhaps more interesting content. Please continue to read the next content below.

4. Review: a double-edged sword.

Young customers tend to look for review content on Tiktok and Facebook groups to seek feedback from people who have used the service that they think will be helpful in making decisions. However, in addition to the honest and objective review content, there are many contents that can be classified as suspicious, such as:

  • Reviews are hired and invited
  • Review from employees and business partners
  • Review posts on groups are easily influenced by a certain person or organization: limit comments, delete comments, etc.

5. Hidden costs

In many services, hidden costs are a way for sellers to make the price of a product or service appear low, while customers are more likely to choose the lower price. Within the framework of this article, Khanh Hoa Travel mentions some types of costs that you will need to keep in mind when visiting Nha Trang island tour.

5.1 Bathing Fresh water at Bai Tranh

Tickets to Bai Tranh are usually included in the tour packages you have purchased. However, unlike Hon Tam which provides free fresh water, in Bai Tranh, if you want to bathe in fresh water, you have to buy it with...a bucket! It sounds a bit old-fashioned but it's true. Each bucket contains about 10 liters of fresh water for bathing, the price is 10,000 VND. Although the amount of money is not much, it does bring some inconvenience to guests. In fact, the Nha Trang Island Tour co-organized by Khanh Hoa Travel (and its partners) gives guests this freshwater bath, which means you don't have to spend money to buy it retail anymore.

5.2 Drinking water at home Nha Trang Fishing Village

Pre-ordered meals are included in the tour package, you do not need to buy them. However, drinks: streams, soft drinks, beer, coconut water... are things you need to pay extra to use. This is also something that customers need to keep in mind. In addition, all dishes other than the pre-set Set Menu are included in the tour package, you can order more depending on your needs and pay according to the price. Please note, make sure you are informed clearly about the price before confirming your order to avoid unusually high prices, especially during holidays.

5.3 Surcharges at Hon Mun Nha Trang

Hon Mun is a very beautiful conservation area, of interest to the whole world, especially after an environmental incident that affected the Hon Mun ecosystem to the point that Khanh Hoa province decided to close diving tourism. sea for a while. Hon Mun tickets are included in the combined island tour packages, but here No free seats, umbrellas, or lounge chairs. All charge a fee. Specifically:

  • Shade tent: 400,000 VND/tent
  • Reclining chair: from 20,000 VND/chair

6. Nha Trang island tour - Before departure time

6.1 Make a departure list

This list is a necessary and mandatory condition for the travel agency to complete administrative procedures before the canoe leaves the wharf. All you need to do is make a list including the following information: Full name, year of birth. For foreigners, additional passport photos need to be provided.

6.2 Book a tour online (or by phone)

To book an island tour, you have many options with many methods depending on the provider. Below are detailed instructions for booking a tour within 1 minute at Khanh Hoa Travel website.

Step 1- Select “Book tickets”/ “Book tickets good price” from the screen

Book Nha Trang island tour tickets - Step 1

Step 2- Choose your estimated departure time (You can submit a time change request for free)

In the time selection field, select the expected departure date. (The example in the photo is November 22, 2023)

Book Nha Trang island tour tickets - Step 2

Step 3- Choose your favorite tour package (in 3 Combo packages). For example, at the present time, there will be 3 options on the screen:

Option 1: VIP (Universal)

Option 2: Eco

Option 3: Premium (Premium)

Select the number of “Adults” and “Children” (Children are customers under 1.4 meters in height) , then select Next

Book Nha Trang island tour tickets - Step 3

If you have a Discount Code, enter it in the "discount code" section to enjoy the promotion, then select "Apply" and enter the information as directed. This only takes less than 1 minute.

Book Nha Trang island tour tickets - Step 4
Book Nha Trang island tour tickets - Step 5

Once completed, select “Book now” and pay to confirm your Booking. You will also receive an invoice sent to your email inbox.

So through this article, Khanh Hoa Travel brings you a lot of multi-dimensional information about the hottest travel services of Nha Trang Khanh Hoa, above all important information to help you make the right choice. and most suitable. Please leave your opinion in the comments section!

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