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Nha Trang mud bath: list of 3 places

Nha Trang mud bath is the name of a vacation

When traveling to Nha Trang, there are always many interesting sightseeing options for tourists. If exploring the City Tour to 5 points in the city gives you an experience of the history, spiritual culture, and people of Khan Hoa, then since the 2000s, a new experience has appeared in Nha Trang: mud bathing. .

It must also be added that even though it is called mud bath But it's not just a bath, it's a sightseeing, rest and relaxation session with many different amenities, and mud bath (also known as hot mineral mud bath) is one of those amenities. . The name reflects or alludes to the special within the special things, but does not fully reflect the service.

Nha Trang Mud Bath Location

In Nha Trang, there are many places to visit and experience hot mineral mud baths. Let's join Khanh Hoa Travel to explore the most notable and most interesting mud bath locations in Nha Trang. The first place to mention is Thap Ba Mud Bath.

Thap Ba Mud Bath

Address: 438 Ngo Den, Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Website: tambunthapba.vn

Phone: 0848578585

As mentioned above, Thap Ba Mud Bath (Thap Ba Hot Springs Center) is the first location in Nha Trang to provide this service. After more than 20 years of formation and development, Thap Ba mud bath is a notable resort tourism brand in Nha Trang.

Tam bun Thap Ba o dau

Looking at the map, it is easier to imagine the location of Thap Ba Mud Bath. Take the landmark point as Ponagar tower , the distance to Thap Ba Mud Bath is about 2.6 km. Although the distance is short, this is not a beautiful road, there are many narrow, flooded, winding roads that are difficult to navigate. It can be said that among the tourist destinations in Nha Trang, Thap Ba mud bath is the place with the most difficult path.

Even though they have Ponagar in the same name, the two places above are completely different. One side is managed by the state, the other side is a private business unit.

Thap Ba Mud Bath price list

Thap Ba Mud Bath price list 01.
Thap Ba 2 mud bath price list
Thap Ba Mud Bath price list 01.

Analysis of Thap Ba Mud Bath price list

This is the price list listed for customers on the homepage of Thap Ba Hot Springs. Looking at this price list we can see some of the following:

Thap Ba Mud Bath has 03 different service packages from the basic package "Swimming Pool", the standard package Hot Mineral Mud, Herbal Mud and the premium package Spa Mountain. In which the lowest package is Swimming Pool, customers use the minimum amenities of the resort Swimming pool, hydrotherapy, Jacuzzi.

Hot Mineral Mud and Herbal Mud packages are priced based on the number of guests. The larger the group, the lower the price and vice versa. The price for 02 people ranges from 350,000 - 425,000 VND. Other utilities in the package are: Warm mineral pool & cool mineral pool, Jaccuzi Jacuzzi, Wenquan hydrotherapy, Waterfall

Spa Mountain: high-class service aimed at luxury and privacy. This type of service is probably suitable for dates or entertaining important partners.

What customers say about Thap Ba Mud Bath

Thap Ba mud bath review

As of January 6, 2023, Thap Ba Mud Bath received 2,877 reviews on Google with an average score of 4.4/5

Overall, customers are very satisfied with the service of Thap Ba Mud Bath.

To see what more customers say about the service here, visit the following link:


Let's take a look at some of the compliments that visitors have given to Thap Ba Mud Bath

SmartHomes Da Lat

“My own feeling about a relaxing day at Nui Spa is really satisfying, the service price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. With Nui Spa's attractive promotions, we hope that this will be an ideal destination for those who love this beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang."

Vinh Tan

“Spacious space, beautiful decoration. After completing a tour including mud bath, sunbathing and mineral bath, my body feels completely comfortable.
You should book online to get the discount.”


“(Automatic Google translation) Really nice relaxing place (if there aren't many children around). The pools have different temperatures so even if the day isn't nice and warm, it's still cozy inside. The mud bath is part of the outdoor “spa circuit,” so follows a series of showers and hot tubs. We had a very pleasant New Year's afternoon here.

Really nice chill place (if there aren't many kids around). The pools have different temperatures so even if the day is not nice and warm it is cozy inside. The mud bath is part of an open-air “spa circuit”, so it's followed by a series of shower jets and hot tubs. We had a very pleasant first-of-the-year afternoon here”

Rendez-Vous dans les Vignes

(Automatic translation by Google) A place worth exploring if you are in Nha Trang and want to enjoy a relaxing moment. Mud baths allow you to come out with very soft skin and a hot bath is very relaxing. The water in the swimming pools is also very hot and can be used unlimitedly. Bathing suits are available for loan at reception if you don't have one.

Un lieu to découvrir si vous séjournez to Nha Trang and que vous voulez profiter d'un moment detente. Le bain de boue permet de ressortir avec la peau toute douce, et le bain d'eau chaude est très relaxant. L'eau des piscines est bien chaude également, on ya accès de façon illlimitée. Un maillot de bain est prêté à l'accueil si on n'a pas le sien.

and even things that customers are not satisfied with...

Minh Son Dinh

“I have come here many times but this time I found the facility and service attitude to be very degraded”

Thu Thuy

“Restaurant service is very bad, customers order food without writing the bill and attitude towards customers”

It should also be noted that the last negative feedback appeared was 8 months ago according to Google statistics. It means that Thap Ba Mud Bath's service is actually very stable. It's hard to please 100%. That's already very good.

General assessment

With the information above, there are a few things to say about Thap Ba Mud Bath as follows.

– Hot mineral mud with high quality, thick mud, ensuring warmth.
– The leading enterprise in providing Nha Trang Mud Bath services with stable quality
– Diverse services, spread evenly across different customer segments
– The road is quite bad, travel time is long compared to the distance
– Prices for few guests will often be high
Advantages and disadvantages of Thap Ba Mud Bath.

i-Resort mud bath

Address: Group 19, Xuan Ngoc village, Vinh Ngoc, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Website: i-resort.vn

Phone: (0258)3830141

This is the birthplace after Thap Ba Mud Bath but is very close geographically. Let's look at the map

i-resort mud bath
Location of 2 mud bath areas on the map.

The two locations, I-resort and Thap Ba Mud Bath, are really close to each other, in fact they are separated by exactly one cliff, the actual distance of the two locations is 200 meters. However, the paths to get to the two places are different. While one side is very close to Thap Ba and Xom Bong bridge, to get to Tam Bun I-resort, we need to go quite far. Called "Close to home, far from the gateway". Now let's see the route to i-Resort mud bath

Directions to i-resort
From Ponagar Tower to i-resort.

Still taking Ponagar Tower as a landmark, the road from here to i-resort is twice as far as to Thap Ba hot springs, with a different route. Follow Highway 1C to the North, reach Vinh Hai market, turn left and go about 2 km to reach i-resort. Even though it is farther, the road to I-resort is wider and has almost no bad roads, large vehicles can easily travel. Except for a fairly crowded road going through Vinh Hai market area (Nguyen Khuyen street).

It's interesting, isn't it, even though they are located next to each other, to get to these two locations, you will have to take two different routes at a very far distance from each other!

i-Resort mud bath price

On the homepage of i-Resort, it is divided into two types of services: High-class and popular. Below is the price list for the Universal service called “Combo Tam Bao“. Price ranges from 400,000 - 450,000/person including 01 lunch with Menu as shown in the picture.

Price list of popular i-resort services
Price list of common services at i-resort
Gia Tam bun i-resort
Tam Bao Combo price list at i-resort. Photo: i-resort

In the popular packages at i-resort, there is also a surprise with quite expensive services in the first categories: Mud House and Spa with full service from 700,000 VND/guest. These service packages are for customers with high requirements and more diverse services such as Spa, body scrubs, and full body massage. It emphasizes the privacy and specificity of the experience.

High-class service at i-Resort

High quality tam bun service at i-resort
3 high-class services at i-resort
i resort mud bath service
The Tent i-resort service

Looking at this, you probably understand why the word "resort" is here, because the prices and services are exactly resort style. The highest price for 02 people is 6,500,000 VND/day at i-resort. This can be said to be a notable point, for a small segment of customers with high-end needs here.

I-resort received more than 7,000 reviews on Google

List of tam bun i-resort

Until January 6, 2023, i-Resort Hot Springs received a huge number of reviews: 7,652 reviews on Google with an average score of 4.3/5

It can be said that, looking at Google's preliminary statistics, this is really a tourist attraction and the service quality is very good.

You can see more people's reviews as well as ask questions for community support about i-resort here: https://goo.gl/maps/jXcHTwY3t97Vyv3N6

Let's take a look at some customer reviews on Google


(Automatic translation by Google) It's the best place to go when the weather is bad. The hot spring spa is very good.
(Original) 날씨 안 좋을때 가기 최고임 온천스파 ㄹㅇ 좋음

Кирилл Крюков

(Automatic translation by Google) We were with a 4 year old child. All liked it. Having a children's pool somewhere +35 degrees is very acceptable. There are only 2 slides. (gravel) There is no water park. There are also 2 adult swimming pools with hot tubs. So there are several waterfalls. Entrance for adults 170.t. bronze Children up to 100 cm tall. Free of charge. There is an on-site restaurant with reasonable prices and an extensive menu.

(Original) Были с ребенком 4 года . Все понравилось . Есть детский бассеин очень принятый + 35 градусов где то . Горок только 2 шт. ( каменные ) Аквапарка нет . Так же есть 2 бассейна для взрослых с джакузи . Так есть несколько водопадов . Вход на взрослого 170.т. Донг Ребенка до 100 см. Бесплатный . More often than not .

Lam Minh Nguyen

“Soaking in hot mineral water is wonderful. My place to relax during my trip to Nha Trang. There is a slide area for children for them to experience, which is also interesting."

Tae-yeong An

(Automatic translation by Google) If you think water parks are in Korea, they are not ^^ It's a great place to spend leisurely time in the heated pool in the cool winter weather with the feature Unique mud bath. The food is also cheap compared to an amusement park (?). The two of us ate hamburgers, noodles, fried rice, beer and soft drinks, which cost about 350,000 VND.
(Original) 한국 워터파크 생각하면 절대 안되구요^^ 머드 목욕이라는 특이점과 선선한 겨울 날씨에 온수풀에서 유유자적 시간 보내기에 좋은 장소입니다. 음식도 놀이동산(?)치고는 저렴한 편이구요. 둘이서 햄버거, 국수, 볶음밥, 맥주, 콜라 아렇게 먹고 35만동 정도 나왔어요.

Caitriona Landers

(Automatic translation by Google) Most relaxing day with chocolate massage, mud bath, herbal bath, lunch and use of the swimming pool. Staff are very accommodating. Magnificent facilities.
(Original) The most relaxing day with chocolate massage, mud baths, herbal baths, lunch and use of the pools. Staff were very accommodating. Magnificent facilities.

In addition to receiving a lot of reviews, what is worth noting is that a large number of foreign tourists including Russian, Korean and English-speaking tourists give good feedback on i-Resort's service quality. This can be said to be a great thing for this tourist area.

Now let's try to see what guests are not satisfied with about i-Resort

Nam Nguyen

Product quality is good but service quality is too poor. 1. I went with two women to soak in the mud for 10 minutes, then a Korean male-female couple came in and soaked in the tub next to me. But the Korean couple was kicked out first with the staff's attitude being very offensive: standing with their chests out, talking to customers; When the two Koreans scooped water to pour on their feet, the staff member folded his arms across his chest and waited as if to chase him away. As for my tub, I wasn't invited to come out. Then I proactively walked out and asked the employee why. He replied: the girl is beautiful so let her soak for a long time.
1. Employees do not comply with the company's responsibilities, obligations, and regulations
2. Ill-mannered attitude towards foreign guests
3. Being rude to female guests
4. Company training is poor, there is no management or supervision
5. When leaving the mud bath area, there is a staff spraying water to clean the path. I went to the right from inside, the staff sprayed from left to right. Even though he saw that he was coming, he still walked the spray hose closer to him and sprayed mud and dirt onto his body because of the strong force of the hose. 6. The game area only has 2 inflatable slides for adults, the rest are for children. The current ticket price is quite high compared to the product while parking is charged. There are many staff but no one to guide guests.”

Tran Nguyen Yen Thi

“I lost something here. The next day I called to ask for help finding it, but the staff didn't ask for any information and said I didn't have it, couldn't find it, didn't know where to look. The receptionist is not friendly, after selling tickets and collecting money, there is no further instructions or advice, guests can discover for themselves.”

No Kneel

“The shower space is okay, but the staff's attitude is too poor. I accidentally wet the towel, but even if I asked to change it to another towel, I still refused to change it."

Many of the customer complaints are not directly related to the mud bath service but rather related to employees, the attitude and behavior of the staff makes guests unhappy.

It should be added that the most recent complaint was also 5 months ago (compared to January 2023), it is very likely that i-Resort has recognized the problem and promptly improved service quality. If that's true, then there's nothing like it

General assessment:

– Gets a lot of attention and good feedback from domestic and international tourists
– Diverse services, spread evenly across different customer segments, especially the high-end segment
– Far from the center, travel time is quite long during peak hours.
– The price is high but the resort does not have a sea view like other high-end resorts.
Advantages and disadvantages of Thap Ba Mud Bath.

Overall scoring: 8/10

Recommended service: Three Jewels Package

Hundred Egg mud bath

Address: Phuoc Dong Commune, Nha Trang City

Website: tramtrung.vn

Unfortunately, at the present time, the website of the Hundred Eggs tourist area seems to be having serious problems and the content has nothing more than a few sketchy articles written since the beginning of January 2023.

According to the latest research on January 6, 2023, it seems that the Hundred Eggs tourist area is not currently operating. I called 02 mobile numbers according to Tram Egg's information but only one number rang and no one answered the phone. There is no specific announcement on the fanpage of the Hundred Eggs Tourist Area. The latest post is May 26, 2021, which means there has been no new post for nearly 2 years. Maybe due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, businesses have been affected.

Fanpage of Hundred Eggs tourist area
Hundred Eggs fanpage interface. Screenshots.

I will update Hundred Eggs as soon as there is new information.

MerPerle Hon Tam Resort (MerPerle Hon Tam Resort)

Address: Hon Tam Island, Vinh Nguyen Ward, Nha Trang City.

Nha Trang mud bath at Hon Tam 01
Panoramic view of Hon Tam mud bath on the island. Photo: Google

Unlike the mud bathing spots mentioned above, Hon Tam Mud Bath is a complex of amenities on Hon Tam island, part of the MerPerle Hon Tam Resort tourist area. Hon Tam mud bath complex was restored in June 2019 and immediately became one of the most popular tourist attractions not only in Hon Tam but also in Nha Trang. This is evident as soon as you type the search keyword "Hon Tam mud bath" in the Google search bar.

With a forest of information, you may seem a bit confused. But don't worry, this article will give you perspective Most complete, updated and accurate about Nha Trang mud bath in general and Hon Tam mud bath in particular.

Hon Tam mud bath is one of the day tour services of Hon Tam tourist area as well as Nha Trang island tour . During peak days, Hon Tam welcomes about 4,000 - 5,000 visitors/day, of which most guests experience Hon Tam mud bath packages. This number shows that the attraction of Hon Tam Mud Bath is really great.

What is there in Hon Tam mud bath?

A wonderful island-hopping experience. Unlike other Nha Trang mud bath services, Hon Tam mud bath is one of the experiences in a package of activities to visit Nha Trang's sea and islands.

Departing from Hon Tam port or Nha Trang tourist wharf (for island tour packages or private canoe trips), it only takes you about 5 minutes to travel from the mainland to Hon Tam island and have a wonderful day. great there

Some information related to Hon Tam mud bath tour

  • Book Hon Tam tickets by clicking on the tour package above, following the on-screen instructions to complete your booking.
  • Move to Hon Tam port. Hon Tam port is located nearby Nha Trang Oceanography Institute , and right next to the port Vinpearl Nha Trang
  • Hon Tam canoe time. Cano runs at fixed hours: 08:00, 10, 12 and 14:00. Return time is 12:20, 14:20. See more about Hon Tam port and Canoe Hon Tam

What customers say about Hon Tam Mud Bath

Many customers praise Hon Tam Mud Bath

Hung Pham

“It takes less than 10 minutes to go by canoe to the island, the road is very beautiful. My favorite thing here is the mud bath, so go early in the morning so you can bathe for a long time and not be crowded. Free loan of bathing suits and towels. There is a lunch buffet here, but I feel like going from early in the morning is enough to experience everything, so I'll just go home. Overall great, when you go to Nha Trang, you should take the time to stop by here.”

Mao Do

“A must-visit place when coming to Nha Trang, you should apply sunscreen when coming here, the sea is very beautiful, clear and blue, beautiful view, you should go in the morning because the number of tourists coming here is very large, there is a mud bath and mineral bath combo , have lunch with a buffet and take a nap outside under a very cool tree.”

Huong Giang Pham

"During the winter holidays, you should go early. At 2:00 p.m., I saw a group with no place left to take a mud bath. The bathing place was quite cool, and there was an enthusiastic waiter who unlocked the mud. It was a bit of a walk."

Duy Thai Nguyen

“The service is quite complete, there is a super quality beach, we have not used all the services but in general the mud bath area and swimming pool are at a good level”

However, there are also many feedback expressing dissatisfaction

Tran Anh

“The place has many outdoor games such as banana floats, paragliding, jet skiing, etc. When the mud bath is small, or it is overloaded, guests have to take the bath themselves. Small infinity pool, mainly for taking virtual photos. Lunch buffet has few dishes, not delicious”

Duc Nguyen

“Beautiful beach, there are many services on the island. Mud baths are quite difficult to find when crowded, while hydro mineral baths and therapy treatments are like a toilet spray. The infinity pool is not enough to swim"

Minh Tri Truong

"Bad. The toilet area smells of moss. In the mud bath area, the mud faucet is too small so you have to wait about 30 minutes before you can soak in the tub. Muddy water is cold. The lake water is cold. Some areas are not yet completed"

Although there are many compliments, besides that it seems Hon Tam Mud Bath has not met high expectations and demands, especially with a big brand like Hon Tam. Customer complaints mainly come from the poor quality of component services they encounter. This is probably caused by the large number of visitors at many times, on the other hand, the quality management work has not met actual requirements. Customers want Nha Trang mud bath to be of high and even higher quality.

– Services on the island, unique and unique
– Many options for customers with different packages
– No minimum number of guests per bathtub required.
– Take good care during the tour booking and sightseeing process
– Traveling is more difficult because it is on an island, especially when it rains
– Service quality is not consistent, especially when crowded
– There are no specialized premium services.
Advantages and disadvantages of Hon Tam Mud Bath

General assessment: 7/10

Recommended package: Hon Tam Mudbath 1

General assessment table of Nha Trang mud bath spots

CriteriaThap Ba mud bathi-Resort mud bathHon Tam Mud Bath
ConvenientRather RatherMedium
UniqueLess uniqueVery nicelyQuite unique
High-quality serviceAverage - High classAverage - High classMedium
PriceLow to highLow to highMedium
VehicleRoadRoadRoad, sea
Satisfaction level SatisfiedVery pleasedSatisfied
Private tubExpensiveExpensivePrice remains the same
Sea viewAre notAre notHave
Island tourAre notAre notHave
Evaluate 7/108/107/10
General assessment table of factors of 3 mud bath locations in Nha Trang.

In short:

Nha Trang mud bath is one of the travel experiences worth trying when traveling to the coastal city. If you want a long-standing, standard service, go to Thap Ba Mud Bath; If you want to experience specialized services, especially high-end mud bath services, go to i-Resort. If you want new services with multiple experiences, go to Hon Tam Mud Bath.

In addition to the 3 points analyzed above, in Nha Trang there are many 5-star hotels and resorts that also serve mud baths, however these are services that mostly only serve on-site guests, and are combination rather than specialized services. Therefore, I did not mention it in the article.

You can combine attractions in Nha Trang city in the same day, for example, a morning City tour includes: Hon Chong, Ponagar tower; Then go to Thap Ba Hot Springs or i-resort because these locations are quite close to each other. Meanwhile, after visiting Aquarium Institute, you can go to Hon Tam port and take a day tour of the island.

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Where to take mud bath in Nha Trang?

You can choose from the following locations: Thap Ba Mud Bath, i-resort Mud Bath, Galina Mud Bath, Hon Tam Mud Bath, Amiana Mud Bath, Gallina Mud Bath

Nha Trang mud bath ticket price

Nha Trang mud bath costs from 250,000 VND.

What effects does mud bath have?

Mud bath is a health care therapy considered to help the body relax, prevent diseases, and rejuvenate the skin.

Where is the best place to take a mud bath in Nha Trang?

This depends on each person's preferences, time conditions, costs, and convenience.

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