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Hon Tam reopens Sparklingwaves water park

Once the most attractive destination of Hon Tam before the Covid 19 epidemic, Sparklingwaves water park has now returned to service after 4 years of suspension. The park has a long, beautiful beach along with many adjacent swimming pools, providing a relaxing play space for all ages. Children can swim in the pool that runs around the stage. Adults can swim in pools with greater depth.

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Sparklingwaves area also has a floating buoy system, a floating park that serves visitors free of charge. It doesn't stop there, with the package Seaday tour, customers can also participate in beach games such as:

Whether flying

Scuba diving with scuba

Scuba diving with a helmet

Banana float

Water motorbike


Dolphin glider

Kayaking (free)

The return of Sparlkingwaves park also brings music and dance activities by beautiful dancers with the main stage in the central swimming pool. Performance time frames:

111:30 – 13:00DJ
213:00 – 14:00 Hawaiian dance
314:00 – 15:00 Jump Flashmod
Timetable for music and dance performances at Hon Tam

The seatour package includes the following benefits:

Round-trip high-speed train (runs at fixed times)

Visit from 08:00 to 16:00

Lunch buffet

Infinity swimming pool


Watch music and dance according to time frames

On the occasion of reopening Sparlkingwaves, Hon Tam Tourist Area reduces Seatour ticket prices from 830,000 VND to 710,000 VND from June 20 to 30, 2023.

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